Unf*ck Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life

Unf*ck Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life

by Gary John Bishop

Do you feel hopeless, like life isn’t going to lead you down the path you dreamt of? 

What if there was a way for you to unleash the greatness hidden within you? 

Unf*ck yourself is a no-nonsense, bs-free, and empowering guide that will release you from the shackles of your self-imposed limitations, allowing you to succeed in life. It will teach you to look inside yourself to find your untapped potential. You will discover the power of positive self-talk and how to take full responsibility for your life. Unf*ck yourself also encourages you to stop making excuses and instead start taking actions that propel you towards the life you’ve desired. 

Summary Notes

Have the Willingness to Pursue the Goal You Desire

Willingness is a state in which we can engage with life and see a situation from a new perspective. It starts with you and ends with you. No one can make you willing, and you cannot move forward until you really are willing to make the next move.

We often view ourselves as incapable, unmotivated, and lazy without realizing we are just unwilling. This unwillingness stems from not knowing what will satisfy our life and the true reason behind the goals we intend to pursue. Most of us want to be the wealthiest, smartest, and strongest without having a genuine reason as to why we wanted it in the first place. 

If we do not take the time to understand ourselves and our reality, we will forever be trapped, feeling resentment, guilt, and regret. It will also be difficult to build up the willingness to take action as we’re unsure if we’re pursuing the life we truly want.

Creating your dream life starts when you first express your willingness to pursue it. This means having the ability to determine your own truth, understanding your goals, and knowing what sacrifices you need to make to achieve them. It’s about finding out what kind of life you really want and being excited to take the first step no matter what. Once you have identified the life your heart desires, you will only hear the resounding willingness to chase after it.

Actions to take

Cultivate Your “Win” Mindset

“You are a champion. You’ve knocked out goal after goal, cruising to an undefeated record. Everything you set your mind to comes true.”

There are times when you feel like you’re losing in life. It could be the moment you experience being in a failed relationship, being rejected in a job, or being consumed by problems you don’t know how to deal with. This kind of struggle typically causes negative thinking, making it difficult to believe that you are still meant to win in life. 

Winning in life starts the moment you recognize how your ideas about yourself and your reality shape your actions. Research shows that our subconscious controls 95% of our daily actions. Therefore, if you want to take positive actions, improve and change for the better, you need to reframe your thinking. You have to develop a “winning” mindset by letting go of the negative thoughts, engaging in tasks you care about winning, and turning problems and goals into something you can win at. 

Your brain is wired to win. Anything you choose to have, you can achieve. You just have to point yourself in the right direction. Cultivate the winning mindset and create a game plan. Be committed to taking action, and set yourself on the path to victory and success. 

You can do it. Believe that you are destined for greatness–it’s only a matter of when.

Actions to take

You Can Get Past Your Problems

“Everyone has their problems, and life isn’t always perfect. It never will be.”

Life is not perfect, and we will surely encounter problems along the way. These inevitable circumstances usually consume us.  But if we think about them, we will realize that others have heavier problems. Instead of pitying yourself, learn just to accept your situation as it is and develop a mindset that positively perceives both difficult and uplifting experiences.

One helpful way to deal with your problems is to look back on your past. Think of the similar problems you have encountered before and how you overcame them. Take what you’ve learned and apply them to your present circumstance. Use them as a reminder that if you overcame those problems, you would do so today. Remember that you don’t need to have a solution right away. All you have to do is show up and be ready ​to face it. There are still a lot of opportunities waiting for you in the future. As you keep going, bring with you the mindset that you always got them no matter what.

Actions to take

Embrace Uncertainty

“Uncertainty is where new happens.”

Most of us fear uncertainty because we always want to play safe. We are scared to take risks, receive criticisms, and pursue paths that have unclear outcomes. We prefer to be comfortable with certainty, so we remain in our safety nets, unaware that it limits our full potential. 

Facing uncertainty and fully embracing it will constantly open opportunities for growth and learning. It is the ultimate key to progress and being the best version of ourselves. 

Success is never certain. Successful people didn’t succeed because they were convinced they would succeed. They achieved it because they didn’t let uncertainty stop them. They set aside their doubts and just keep pushing forward. It is in the face of uncertainty they found success. 

So if we want to be successful, we need to start listening to ourselves. Let go of the negative self-doubts and be relentless to take risks. We also need to stop relying on other people’s judgments of us. After all, we are the only ones who fully know our own capabilities, and we owe it to ourselves to believe in them. This will surely lead us to a victorious path we never imagined we would be in.

Actions to take

Separate Your Actions From Your Thoughts

“You change your life by doing, not by thinking about doing. In fact, when you become closely associated with the actions you are taking, something magical starts to become apparent.”

There will be moments in our lives where we will feel like not doing the tasks that would bring us closer to our goals. We feel demotivated, and we tend to procrastinate. This kind of situation occurs to everyone. What separates successful people from unsuccessful ones is their ability to act regardless of their thoughts and feelings. 

Our thoughts can become our reality, but they become our life only when we act upon them. Therefore, we need to treat our thoughts as just a minor part of the total and start taking action regardless of our mood. We also don’t have to wait for the motivation to strike as it will inhibit our progress. 

So go ahead, step out, and act on what’s in front of you. Take the first step, and so on. Remember that the only way to change your life for the better is by letting go of the negative thoughts and changing your action.

Actions to take

Two Steps to Freedom

“Stop doing all that shit you know you shouldn’t be doing and start doing all the shit you know you should be doing.”

To completely transform your life and reclaim your freedom to pursue your desired life, Bishop suggests you start doing these things: 

  1. Stop doing what you’re currently doing: Take a long, hard look at your life right now and notice the irrelevant tasks, behaviors, and habits that are preventing you from achieving your goals. Do you spend most of your time on social media, TV, or video games? Getting rid of these time-wasting tasks can help you progress in life and reach your goals faster.

  2. Start taking actions that advance your goals: You need to understand the actions that would make you a better person and help you achieve your goals. Make those actions a part of your life and work on them consistently. It won’t be easy, and many have given up midway. Therefore, you need to understand and accept that reaching your goals will take time, effort, and a strong willingness to do so.

Actions to take

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