We want you!

Mentorist is growing fast, and we invite you to join our tribe and be part of the revolution that we started.

We, as a team, have one goal - to be the catalyst for transformation in people’s life. To help them take the first step, and start working on things that are important to them. If you feel like you want to be part of this, keep reading.

Mentorist has a very international team, we have people from 12 different countries and we actually don’t have a physical office. We work remotely. The company is established in Estonia, with a branch in Poland, but it does not really matter, as we are all over the world.

We like to do things differently. Different gives us more flexibility than following common solutions. That’s why we use Discord as a communication tool and we use Height.app for task management.

If you’ve read the Power of Habit you know about the importance of the KeyStone Habit. This keystone habit for us is experimentation. Experimentation of every f*ing thing. Not just the product. We experiment with every single thing that we do. That’s how we learn. That’s how we try to understand the world.

If you feel inspired by it, check the following job offers.

Head of Marketing

We’re looking for an awesome Marketing Manager with a broad skillset to help us grow our team and our business. In this role, you will work closely with the CMO and CEO to plan and execute marketing efforts that help us acquire and retain customers.


Product Manager

Would you like to be the main product manager for the Mentorist app? This is a very important position, that’s why we are looking for someone special.

We currently have Product Manager, but feel free to contact us to ask for this position.

Content Writer

The core of Mentorist is great quality content. We constantly looking for great copywriters that have a passion for self-help and/or business books. Most of the people working with us in this position do it as additional work - simply because they love reading. We do mentor our copywriters and give them feedback, so it’s a great opportunity to improve your skills. If you would like to get paid for reading books, check our requirements:

  • Great English writing skills
  • Great understanding of self-help/business books



Do you consider yourself a hacker? Great! Currently, we need 3 types of hackers:

Mobile developer

  • Swift or Kotlin/Java

Backend developer

  • Technology stack: Django, Firebase, Bootstrap, jQuery

Web developer

Technology here is not yet chosen. We want to move functionality from our mobile app to the web app. We are considering Flutter or something similar.