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Acquire skills from self-help books...

SkillMentor is a revolutionary application that brings you all the tools you need to implement new skills from books quickly.


What is SkillMentor?


Based on 100% bestselling books

We are what we repeatedly do, so our habits define who we really are. Working on positive habits will define your destiny. SkillMentor has over 1,500 habits extracted from the best self-development books.
When is the last time you consciously improved your soft skills? For example, listening to people more actively, motivating yourself, or starting your day off with your most difficult task. We created a straightforward system of skill acquisition. In order to gain new skills, you have to establish some habits, follow some principles, or change your mindset. SkillMentor will tell you exactly what you need to do.
What’s better than a self-help book? Dozens of self-help books. What is even better than that? Books converted into a clear learning path. This what we call Pathways. Our team prepared these clear learning paths, so you can learn what we think will be the most life-changing for you.
All our content is based on the best self-help books ever released. We made detailed book summaries (that will be always free) and extracted what really matters: the habits, principles, and skills. Let’s face the facts, reading a book is a waste of time if you don’t apply anything from the book into your life.

Start with Pathways

Have you ever played an RPG (role-playing game)? Pathways are very similar to RPGs. However, this isn’t just any game. It’s probably the most difficult and life-changing game you have ever played— it’s a game of self-improvement. You are the main character, and you work on your skills. Your skills are evaluated with Mentorist’s Evaluation System. This helps you learn what it really takes to acquire a skill. And everything is visualized on a beautiful graph.

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See your growth, and stay motivated.

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Earn badges and certificates for your effort.

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A clear and easy learning process.

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