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All non-fiction is educational, but at our platform, we believe that knowledge is power only when put into practice. That's why we make it easier for you to apply the greatest concepts, ideas, and strategies in your life and business.

In Dale Carnegie's words: “Knowledge isn't power until it is applied” - and that's exactly what we offer.

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You can find a wealth of knowledge in books, but finding the time to read them can be difficult. That's why many people turn to book summaries instead.

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Mentorist is the perfect resource for anyone looking to unlock their potential and take their career to the next level. Our mobile app provides summaries of bestselling business, leadership, and personal development books, so you can get to the core of the content in minutes. We also give you actionable steps and exercises that you can implement into your life right away.

With Mentorist, you won’t have to read the entire book to get the best information. We make it easy to take action right away, so you can start seeing results within minutes.

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Discover the knowledge of the world’s top professionals and unlock the secrets to success. No need to read hundreds of books, attend long seminars, or follow time-consuming courses.

With Mentorist, you can easily explore the insights of Steve R. Covey, Elon Musk, Angela Duckworth, David Allen, Carol S. Dweck, Tony Robbins, and many other bestselling authors and world-class experts.

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Mentorist is the go-to platform for everyone looking to stay ahead of the curve:

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Gain access to proven tools, exercises, and practices from the world’s top experts without the hefty price tag.

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Our summaries make learning faster than ever and our action plans help you implement knowledge quickly.

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Discover the latest trends and best practices from the leaders in your field.

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CEO, entrepreneur, personal growth enthusiast, or spiritual seeker?

Mentorist is the right app for you if you’re looking to learn, grow, and evolve.

Unlock the best business, leadership, and personal development strategies to become a more successful business leader, a more convincing communicator, or a better spouse.

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Explore top titles in the following categories:

Social Media
Mental Health
Health & Fitness
Billionaires & Famous People

Top titles in Business

Working Backwards
Colin Bryar
Your Best Year Ever
Michael Hyatt
Exactly What to Say
Phil M. Jones
Jake Knapp
The Art of Public Speaking
Dale Carnegie
Nancy Duarte

Mentorist makes learning easier:

  • Get comprehensive summaries
  • Create personalized action lists for active learning
  • Build your own library of favorite books
  • See your progress with visual analytics
  • Set reminders to stay on track
  • Quickly return to unfinished chapters
  • Receive rewards for completing activities
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