Determine your willingness to achieve your goal


  1. Write down one thing you’ve wanted to achieve in life. 
    Maybe you want to be a millionaire, or you want to develop six-pack abs. 
  2. List down the reason(s) why you want to achieve it. 
    Forget society’s standards and the people’s expectations of you. Make sure to delve deep into your own personal reasons. 
  3. List down the things you need to sacrifice to achieve your desired goal. 
    It could be working 60 hours a week, skipping vacations to get more work done, etc. 
  4. Review your answers. Ask yourself, “Am I really willing to achieve this goal given the sacrifices I have to make?” 
  5. If you answered yes, say this out loud “I am willing to achieve (state your goal) no matter what happens!” 
    You can repeat this affirmation until you feel your desire burning. 
  6. If you answered no, state, “I am unwilling to achieve (state the goal) because of (state the sacrifice you can’t handle).” 
    Facing your reality will free you from guilt, resentment, and regret pursuing the goals you don’t really want. This will redirect you to find what goals are truly important to you.


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