Do your most important tasks - even if you feel like not doing it


  1. Write down the most important task you need to do today, that you’re not in the mood for.
    It could be going to the gym, studying for your exam, or finishing a paper.
  2. Write down the possible outcome if you finish the task. 
    Maybe you would pass your exam or be more physically fit. 
  3. Write down the unproductive thoughts in your mind that stop you from doing the task. 
    It could be the doubts you have for yourself, the lack of motivation, etc. 
  4. Re-read the negative thoughts you’ve written to acknowledge them. 
  5. Say this to yourself out loud, “I am not my thoughts. I am what I do.” 
    You can repeat this multiple times until you gain the momentum to start your task. 
  6. Take action! 
    Forget all the self-doubts and negative thoughts hindering your way. You are not your thoughts. You are your actions, so go ahead and take the first step! 


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