Sell Like Crazy: How to Get As Many Clients, Customers and Sales As You Can Possibly Handle

Sell Like Crazy: How to Get As Many Clients, Customers and Sales As You Can Possibly Handle

by Sabri Suby

Sell Like Crazy takes a modern look at digital marketing funnels to capture leads and convert advertising into sales, all while transforming prospects into loyal customers. It presents the proven-and-tested techniques and systems to help you nurture customer relationships, grow revenue, and increase cash flow! 

Summary Notes

Identify and Target Your Dream Buyers in Your Industry

“The problem is that most people treat every lead like the 3% who are ready to buy now. They have no systems in place to capture and nurture the other 97%.”

In today’s fast-paced economy, businesses either thrive or die. Most businesses fail because they do not have their business side together and focus too much on non-generating revenue activities such as checking emails, training staff, running errands, dealing with public relations, etc. 

While these activities are essential for business, they should not be your core focus. Instead, delegate these tasks to someone who can do the job well so that you can focus on revenue-generating tasks such as writing copy, advertising, promotions, making videos, and so on. 

To generate a constant stream of revenue, you need to advertise your products properly. Stand out from the clutter and have an automated system that turns “cold” prospects (consumers who don’t know you at all) into “warm” prospects (those who know your business and are willing to buy from you). 

To do this, we must understand the Larger Market Formula. This consists of the breakdown of buyers in any market into four categories: 3% of customers are in buying mode, 17% are in information-gathering mode, 20% are problem-aware, and 60% are not problem-aware. 

The problem with most businesses is that they try so hard to compete for the 3% of customers who want to buy right away. They never consider the majority (97%) of the market who are either gathering for solutions, aware of the issue but haven’t looked into solving it just yet, and those who don’t know they have a problem to be solved. That’s why having an automated system to capture these targets is crucial. 

An automated system involves a sales funnel that slowly takes a customer to learn more about their services without much resistance. This system should attract, educate, nurture and get your prospects to act. 

Keep in mind that before putting your automated systems in place, you must first know your target audience. This can be best done through the “Halo Strategy,” which involves deeply understanding your dream buyers’ greatest fears, aspirations, and roadblocks.

Actions to take

Create a High-Value Content Offer

“Built on the simple premise of ‘giving before asking,’ value-based marketing is about offering value to your customers without asking for a sale in return.”

While people love to buy something, they don’t like being sold to. In fact, they tend to ignore most ads they see on social media and continue scrolling through their feeds. So, how can you grab their attention in this cluttered digital world? 

Simply, you need to leverage the power of entertainment. Instead of making an ad that insists people buy your products from the get-go, make an ad that captures people’s attention and reads like news. Make it targeted to their biggest challenges and how they can overcome them without actually mentioning your products or services.

For example, instead of creating an ad about Pilates lessons and certifications, write it as a news story. Tell them how and why Americans are ditching their 9-to-5 jobs to become Pilates instructors, and then include a "learn more" button below. This creates intrigue and click-throughs and will not appear as pushy or annoying as conventional ads. 

Moreover, it will provide your buyers with valuable information that will bring them closer to your products or services, both those who are aware of the problem and those who are looking for solutions.

Once someone clicks your article, they should be redirected to a landing page where they can find your High-Value Content Offer or HVCO. This can be an ebook, cheat sheet pdf, webinar, video course, etc., that promises to solve their greatest issue(s). 

To get a copy of your HVCO, they must provide you with their emails and names in exchange. Having their contact details on your list is important for two major reasons. First, you’ll know who is interested in your offers. Second, you can easily nurture them with a series of emails.

Actions to take

Create an Irresistible Offer With the Godfather Strategy

“Sadly, what I see all the time is that most business owners start in a position of weakness. Their promises are weak and watered down.”

Starting a business by selling only what you want, what’s convenient to sell, or what’s considered “cool” is not the most effective approach. If you want your business to thrive, you must sell what the market is hungry for. Then, make it so irresistible that your prospects will have difficulty saying no—this is how you can make a ‘godfather’ offer. 

Your ‘godfather’ offer must solve the greatest issue(s) your dream buyers face. It should be more comprehensive than your high-value content offer (HVCO), and it also has a cost instead of being free. This ‘godfather’ offer should be presented later after offering your HVCO.

Actions to take

Understand Unit Economics

“Put simply, if you have a firm grip on your unit economics, you’ll know exactly how much a customer is worth to your business over their lifetime.”

Every business that wants to scale and grow must monitor how well they are doing and what they are spending. This is where unit economics comes to play. 

Unit economics is the direct revenues and costs associated with a particular business activity, expressed per-unit basis. The most important metrics they should track are cost per lead (CPL) and cost per acquisition (CPA). Cost per lead means how much is spent on getting one lead, such as signing up for a free ebook or consultation. 

Cost per acquisition, on the other hand, refers to when a customer buys. Knowing how much you spend on a lead or acquisition will help you identify where and how to spend your marketing efforts and budget correctly. 

Once you know how much to spend on a customer to make them acquire from your business, you can expand to other advertising platforms. Since advertising platforms are always changing, you must have two to three marketing channels in case one sporadically changes, which might harm your business.

Actions to take

Use the Magic Lantern Technique to Nurture Leads

“The Magic Lantern Technique is like guiding your prospects down a metaphorical path to their desired end state.”

Once you have your automated system in place, which includes an attention-grabbing ad, a high-value content offer (HVCO), and a godfather offer, it's time to use the Magic Lantern Technique. 

The Magic Lantern Technique means creating a sequence of two or three emails to help your prospects get closer to their desired outcome and helps them build confidence in you and your company. This is where you’ll nurture the 97% of potential buyers in the market that are not ready to jump the gun just yet.

Actions to take

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