Use the Magic Lantern Technique to nurture leads.


  1. Make a timeline of where your prospects need and want to go.
    Create a timeline of where your customers are now and where they want to be at the end. In the middle of the timeline, draw 4-5 milestones to reach the said outcome. Make each content piece produce one result!

  2. Create a 12 (or more) step process of what your customers need to do to get their desired result.

  3. Create one video on what not to do in their industry.
    For example, “11 things to never say to a financial planner.” Include this in your email sequence.

  4. Offer a template for your email sequence.
    Depending on your niche, offer a template to help them move closer to their desired outcome.

  5. Offer a call or a survey to check if they’re the right client for you.
    At the end of your email sequences, offer a call to see if the client is the right match for your business or offer a survey that helps filter out true potential buyers.

  6. Make your emails eye-catching.
    Make your emails engaging by leaving cliffhangers for the next series of emails, having the emails titled in lower case, and just including text instead of images. Make your emails concise and direct to the points, and avoid using too many characters for the subject line length (1-10 characters is best!).

  7. Make your emails read-worthy by writing exciting content.
    Distill humor, controversy, excitement, curiosity, or intrigue into your email's tone and topics. Keep your emails casual and personal.

  8. Give your prospects a call to action.
    At the end of each email, tell them what to do next, such as “click here for more” or “reserve your spot here,” depending on what you offer or want them to do.

  9. Schedule-send your emails.
    Use Tuesday or Thursday as days to send your emails, with the best hours being 10 am, 2 pm, 6 am, and 8 pm.

  10. Study your competitors.
    Subscribe to your competitors' email addresses to discover the frequency of emails, types, and subjects.


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