Hook your dream buyers


  1. Create an intriguing ad.
    Think of popular magazines that have captivating headlines, and use words that startle people such as exposed, revealed, confession, horror, secret, and other words that provoke attention. You can also use numbers such as “7 things I wish I knew before” to narrow the information down. Lastly, tell them how your post will solve their problem and keep it simple!

  2. Create a High-Value Content (HVCO).
    Research your audience's biggest pain points and create an HVCO around them. It can be an ebook, webinar, cheat sheet, etc. Write a title for your HCVO based on your findings.

  3. Make a straightforward but eye-catching opt-in page.
    Restate your offer in your headline’s opt-in page and use bullet points of how this High-Value Content can help them. Make sure to show them what they will get with a visual, and create a basic forum with an email and a name in exchange for your  High-Value Content offer.


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