Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude ... Change Your Life!

Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude ... Change Your Life!

by Jeff Keller

The road to a successful life starts with your attitude — and your attitude is within your control. Whether your outlook is negative, positive, or somewhere in between, this book will show you how to unleash your hidden potential. By developing the right attitude towards life, you will be able to overcome obstacles more easily, develop and hone unique skills, and improve your overall happiness.

Summary Notes

You’re a Human Magnet

Whether you think you can - or think you can’t - you’re right! - Henry Ford

Your thoughts brought you to where you are today, and your thoughts from this point onwards will take you to where you’ll be in the future. If your thoughts don’t change, your results won’t change. Remember, thoughts precede actions. When you believe that you can achieve your goal, you begin taking the actions necessary to move in that direction. 

Your dominant thoughts form the core part of your mindset. You can let this hold you back in life, or you can use it to your advantage. After all, you can’t expect positive results if you have negative thoughts all day. Fill your mind with positive thoughts each and every day - it will translate into positive actions and results. 

Your mind tends to dwell upon whatever is repeated over and over. As time passes, it will begin to absorb the emotions and sentiments associated with your thoughts. If something is repeated often enough, your mind will eventually believe and act upon it. This is why it is important to not only fill your mind with positivity, but to also rid it of negativity.

Actions to take

Picture Your Way To Success

“You must first clearly see a thing in your mind before you can do it.” - Alex Morrison 

Our memories can sometimes have an impact on our present attitude and behavior. For example, if you were heavily criticized as a child, you may have recorded those events as “mental pictures” in your subconscious. When you dwell on negative mental pictures, you are more likely to perceive your future as the same as your negative mental pictures.   

Positive mental pictures, on the other hand, will improve your chances of success. If your mind dwells on positivity and not negativity, you will naturally invite more positive situations into your life. However, it’s not necessary to solely rely on memories to create positive mental pictures. 

Visualization, or the habit of playing a specific scenario out over and over in your head, can be a very powerful tool when used appropriately. It will help you to create new, more positive mental pictures, which will ultimately bring you to success. When you visualize every step of an event going well, you will subconsciously push your mind and body ready to take those steps in real life.

Actions to take

Watch Your Words

“The words you consistently select will shape your destiny.” — Anthony Robbins 

Words can build a bright future, destroy opportunities or help maintain the status quo. Your words ultimately reinforce your beliefs, and your beliefs shape your reality. This means that people who feed themselves a steady diet of negative words are destined to have a negative attitude. However, if you consistently use positive words and phrases, you will have a more positive approach towards life and achieve better results.

When we repeat certain phrases over and over, it’s as if a “groove” is formed in our brain. It’s important to use the correct words, so that you continue on the path you truly wish to be on. The way you speak - whether to yourself or others - will ultimately influence your actions. That’s why you can’t keep repeating negative words and expect to be a high achiever. Negative words will always lead to the reinforcement of negative beliefs. This will eventually lead to negative actions and outcomes.

Actions to take

Start Appreciating

“The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles.” — William Penn

Life presents too many challenges for us to get bogged down with silly and trivial matters. In fact, when you moan about or focus heavily on insignificant issues, you’re simply wasting energy on problems instead of solutions. This ultimately leads to more stress - after all, your problem will still be there after you’re done complaining about it. Instead of stressing yourself out over your problems, try refocusing your attention and energy on the positive things that you are blessed with.  bright side of every situation. 

Gratitude is the act of focusing on the good parts of life. When you practice gratitude, you begin to recognise the positivity that is all around you. You will also realize how lucky you are to be blessed with so many wonderful things. Furthermore, when we express gratitude for all the goodness we currently have in life, we open up more opportunities for the goodness to continue..

Actions to take

Associate with Positive People

“Tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are” -  Johan Goethe 

The people we spend time with tend to influence our attitudes and behavior. Essentially, those who occupy our time end up having a significant impact on our minds, simply because of our exposure to them. If you were to spend a lot of time around someone who has a negative or toxic mindset, it will eventually start to rub off on you. Slowly, you will begin to sponge up their negativity and develop a more negative outlook on life. 

Similarly, if you were to spend a lot of time with someone who was very positive and optimistic, their positivity will begin to influence you. As you surround yourself with more and more positive people, you’ll naturally pick up their positive character traits. This will ultimately push you to achieve your goals by giving you renewed energy and motivation as well as providing you with a conducive environment for success.

Positive people are naturally more open to learning and improving their skills; they’re constantly striving to get better. On the other hand, negative people tend to think they already know everything, making it difficult for them to get ahead in their life. In short, positive people focus on solutions while negative people focus on problems.

Actions to take

Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” —  Neale Donald Walsch

Each of us has a comfort zone, a zone of behavior that is familiar to us and where we feel comfortable and safe. The activities and situations that lie inside the comfort zone are non-threatening and familiar. When faced with a task outside your comfort zone, it’s common to feel nervous and give up instead of facing the challenge head-on.

However, to achieve your goals and realize your full potential, you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone. If you easily back down from challenges, you will end up giving up before giving yourself a fair chance at success. Your comfort zone is quite limited, and you can only achieve so much within its constraints. Remember, if you stay in your comfort zone for too long, you may even forget what lies beyond its limitations.

Actions to take

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