Manifest your dreams

Our thoughts control everything. It’s a subtle process: you tell yourself you’re going to achieve a goal and you start noticing all the little things you need to change in order to achieve it.

Manifestation is often misunderstood, but it’s a simple principle that lies at the core of most successes. Envisioning and fully believing in your dream gives you the confidence to pursue it. Committing to the reality of your desire gives you focus - you’ll start to notice the unassuming opportunities that lie all around you.

Use this learning map to get started with manifesting your dreams and turning them into reality!

You’ve already been manifesting your whole life. If you feel like the things you want are still out of your reach, reassess how you think about these things.

Are you worrying about worst-case scenarios? Do you feel like deep down, you’ll fail? Or like you’re biting off more than you can chew?

These are the negative thoughts you need to redirect. Focus on the outcome you want. Remind yourself of your qualities that will take you there.

Who are you? You get to make this decision.

Maybe you’re not where you want to be. But once you find your racetrack, all you’ll have to do is put one foot in front of the other until the finish line.

A lot of what we consider our personality comes from the unconscious, unexamined parts of ourselves, which live on in our physical memory.

For example, if the thought of going to a crowded event makes you feel anxious, you may think that you are simply an anxious person. You may pass up on opportunities or let go of relationships due to the belief that this memory is your personality.

See who you are without familiarity. It’s more than just saying yes to new experiences - it’s completely redefining the way you view yourself. Thus, redefining your life.

Get into the manifestation mindset with: