Become aware of your physical memory


  1. List your ‘favorite’ or preferred articles, pieces of furniture, or places.
    This includes your favorite armchair, coffee mug, a style of clothing, a particular seat at your dining table, or your local café.

  2. Think about how you feel if you can’t use that favorite thing, or someone else uses it.
    Do you grow territorial or disturbed – as if your very identity depends on it? Then it becomes a boundary for you.

  3. Sit alone in an unfamiliar place on an unfamiliar piece of furniture.
    Just sit in awareness.

  4. Observe yourself closely.
    How comfortable is your body? Is it uneasy? Does it seem to want to be elsewhere?

  5. Start shaking things up.
    You could go to new places, wear different clothes, etc. Expand your horizons rather than contract them. Liberate yourself from the overpowering tentacles of physical memory.


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