Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon

by Joe Dispenza

In Becoming Supernatural, Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how the power of the human mind can be used to achieve extraordinary results. Drawing from his discoveries in scientific communities, he provides readers with the tools to tap into their own potential and create a life of abundance and joy.

Summary Notes

Let Go of the Past and Create a New Identity

Anna's life took a drastic turn when her husband committed suicide, leaving her to raise two children on her own and assume a new identity as a widow. She found herself in a constant state of fight-or-flight, with her pupils dilated, heart and respiratory rates increased, and a surge of glucose in her bloodstream. On top of that, she also had to deal with negative emotions and people treating her differently.

But it wasn't just the death of her husband that was weighing on Anna. She also had financial troubles and an abusive relationship. The weight of these experiences led to a clinical diagnosis of depression, and she also suffered from several physical ailments.

Feeling trapped in a dark place, Anna even contemplated taking her own life. Then, as if things couldn't get any worse, she received a cancer diagnosis and began chemotherapy. It was a breaking point for Anna, and she knew she had to make a change.

When someone experiences a traumatic event, their entire state of being—how they think and how they feel—becomes biologically stuck in the past. That's exactly what was happening to Anna: her fight-or-flight response was activated due to chronic stress, which depleted her energy reserves and compromised her immune system. This led to physical manifestations of her emotional pain and suffering.

But Anna didn't give up. With a fierce determination to change her life and not let her past define her future, she was able to leave her abusive relationship and start a psychotherapy practice.

Actions to take

Create a New Future by Breaking Away from the Same Routine

When we stick to the same routine every day, we may find ourselves trapped in a state of autopilot. This can lead us down a path towards a predictable future, where our lives become a mere rerun of the past.

To break free from this cycle, we need to alter our energy by changing how we think and feel. If we focus on familiar emotions or maintain our routine, we're inadvertently channeling our energy into the past or a future that's already set in stone.

Studies have demonstrated that when we mentally rehearse new behaviors and consciously reflect on our actions regularly, our body responds as if we've physically carried out those actions. Therefore, if we want to shape a different future, we must shatter the monotony of our current routine and liberate ourselves from the constraints of our external environment. It requires energy and determination to embrace the unknown and welcome novel experiences, but it will be worth it.

Actions to take

Immerse Yourself in the Quantum Field

The quantum field is an invisible energy and information field that exists outside of space and time. This field is powered by a self-organizing energy that observes all universes and galaxies.

By immersing ourselves in this realm, we can attain a heightened awareness or consciousness and witness a realm of boundless possibilities within an even greater energy and consciousness. Connecting with the unified field in this way can open up our minds and bring us to a more holistic state.

To manifest our dreams in the physical world, we need to clarify our intention and combine it with strong emotions. This will allow us to access infinite amounts of energy that vibrates beyond the physical world and beyond the senses.

Actions to take

Tune Into Specific Frequencies to Remain Healthy

Fritz-Albert Popp is a biophysicist who studied biophotons, which are tiny, low-intensity light particles that are stored in and emitted by all living things. These particles, which are stored in DNA, contain crucial information required for intercellular communication, playing a vital role in regulating an organism's function. For the organism to remain healthy, the cells must exchange information through various frequencies of light.

Interestingly, we can tune into specific frequencies in the environment, kind of like tuning a radio. By closing our eyes and eliminating external distractions, we can train ourselves to receive clear signals and information. This will help us become more efficient, coherent, and healthy.

Actions to take

Meditate to Heal Pain

After experiencing chronic back and leg pain from a car accident, Ginny tried numerous treatments, but none of them brought her relief. She was unable to care for her children, drive, or work, and her agony was constant. Her doctor suggested surgery, but before going under the knife, Ginny tried meditation.

During her second meditation session, Ginny felt energy rising up her spine and sensed an intense force leaving her body through the back of her head. She felt entirely relaxed and liberated as the energy left her body.

It turns out that meditation can help move energy from the body to the brain and eventually release it out of the top of the head. Not only that, but it can also help us reach a state of pure awareness. In fact, meditation can help us raise our energy, change our frequency, recondition our body to a new mind, and signal new genes to repair our bodies.

Actions to take

Create Long-Term Memories with Mind Movies/Kaleidoscope

Mind movies or kaleidoscopes can be effective tools for creating strong emotional reactions and forming long-term memories. The process involves capturing the audience's attention and making them focus on disruptions in their environment. And the stronger the emotional response to this disruption, the more attention it commands.

This connection between stimulus and response, or conditioning, is what leads to the formation of long-term memories. Once the audience's attention is captured, they become more receptive to the information that follows.

The commercial then reinforces the programming by displaying certain “facts” on the screen, allowing one to read along. This helps reinforce the programming. Additionally, while the conscious mind is focused on reading the copy, the content of the narration slips into the subconscious mind.

Actions to take

Encounter Miraculous Healing

The unified field is an intelligence that lives within us and can be accessed when we surrender to something greater. This means that our personality isn't the one creating our experiences or fulfilling our intent; rather, something greater than ourselves takes over and brings it to fruition.

Actions to take

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