Are you feeling Stressed Out?

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What does a stress-free life look like? Well, pretty much exactly like your life, but without any self-created stress triggers.

You can lead a life free from worry, free from those negative feelings that give rise to anxiety and tension. Explore your personal relationship with stress and rethink your stress-inducing habits. Make progress with the things you can control, and accept the things you can’t. You can live in alignment with your mind and body.

Short, hasty breaths can cause us to feel more stressed as our body is preparing to take action. On the other hand, taking long, deep breaths sends a signal to rest and relax. Your heartbeat slows. You start to feel calmer.

Tummo breathing hacks the autonomic nervous system by using deep and fast breaths to consciously access the parts of your body that deal with stress. It has physical benefits too - it can improve your immune response, help with chronic pain and insomnia, for example.

There are five areas of life you can gain strength from: rest, refreshment, recreation, relationships, and reflection.

Feeling stressed out about life means when you’ve been knocked off balance in one or more of these areas. You can get yourself back on track though! Figure out your rejuvenation goals for this month, set triggers so you don’t forget, and allow some stress to fade away.

Clutter in your phone translates to clutter in your mind. When you look at the home screen of your phone, how do you feel? Calm and relaxed, or buzzed and ready to click on something?

Use your phone screen to channel peace rather than stress. Keep only the apps you need: the ones that bring you closer to becoming the best version of yourself. The version that’s free from all your stress.

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