Spend time on rejuvenating activities


  1. Get a pen and paper. Label it “Rejuvenation Jumpstart Sheet”.
  2. List your rejuvenation goals in each of these five areas: 
     - Rest (Sleep and Napping): An example of this is aiming for an eight hours sleep every night. 
     - Refreshment (Nutrition and Hydration): Perhaps you’re aiming to drink one full glass of water before a meal for one week. Whatever it is, just make sure it is healthy and good for you. 
     - Recreation (Exercise and Play): If you’re planning to go on a trip in the coming months as a form of recreation, you can write it down. 
     - Relationships (Family and Friends): This can be as simple as calling or meeting up with your parents once a week. 
     - Reflection (Journaling and Meditation): Completing a five-minute journal for a month is a great start for this goal. 
  3. Choose one or two goals that you want to accomplish this month.
    Write it down. 
  4. Choose an activation trigger to prompt you to achieve each goal.
    For example, if your goal is to sleep by 10:00 pm, you could set the alarm as early as 9:30 pm to complete your evening rituals. 


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