Keep only the apps that help you lead a more fulfilling life


  1. Grab a piece of paper and separate it into five sections.
    Label them as: 
    • Desired apps
    • Enjoyed apps
    • Required apps
    • Hooked apps
    • Unrelated apps
  2. Under ‘Desired apps’, place all the tasks and apps that bring you closer to the person you want to be.
    For example, you could write ‘learning Spanish with Duolingo’, or ‘meditating daily with Calm’. Move these apps to your home screen and use folders if all the apps can’t fit on one screen.
  3. Under ‘Enjoyed apps’, place all the tasks and apps that you enjoy.
    For example, you could write ‘listening to music with Spotify’, or ‘looking at interesting places around the world with Google Earth’. Remove these apps from your home screen but not your device itself - you can use the search bar to locate them later. 
  4. Under ‘Required apps’, place all the tasks and apps that are necessary for life to function normally.
    For example, you could write ‘going to work with Google Maps’, or ‘checking my email with Gmail’. Out of these apps, move the ones you use most frequently into your dock, using folders if necessary. Remove the rest of the apps from your home screen.
  5. Under ‘Hooked apps’, place all your unhealthy habits/tasks and apps.
    For example, you could write ‘scrolling through Instagram’. 
  6. Under ‘Unrelated apps’, place all the remaining apps that do not serve any purpose in your life.
    Delete these apps. Don’t think about it too much - you can always redownload any app you have miscategorized.
  7. Delete the apps under your ‘Hooked apps’ category.
    As you go through them, you may realize that some apps fit better under different categories. Recategorize them, but ensure you remove all the apps that solely fit under ‘Hooked apps’. You can always redownload any that you need later. 
  8. Every month, similarly review any new apps you downloaded.


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