Achieve your goals

All of us have an innate drive to pursue our goals. It’s what makes us thrive as humans, what motivates us to innovate, build, and create.

Working towards your goals can be frustrating and you may feel like giving up. There is a simpler way to stay on track though - use this action map to get started.

Be brave and venture out of your comfort zone. It’s normal to be worried about failing, but you don’t actually know what you can do until you give yourself a fair shot.

Remember, the journey matters too.

It can be awkward to say no to someone, but there’s always a polite way to go about it. The more complicated part is discerning between what will help you get where you want to be, and what is going to take you further away.

Keep a one-track mind: say yes to your goals, no to everything else.

Achieving your goals can take a lot of time, effort, and perseverance. The good news is - your daily wins add up, no matter how little they seem.

Instead of wasting your energy on inconsequential thoughts and actions, figure out a few small, simple things you can do to get a little closer to your goals. With a little time, you’ll see radical changes.

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