Put the Compound Effect to work for you.

The Compound Effect essentially states that many small events and/or actions come together to have a large impact. This impact can be positive or negative—that part is up to you! Follow the above steps to make small, seemingly inconsequential changes in your life so that you can use the Compound Effect to make a large, positive change.


  1. Write out the excuses you use regularly.
    Examples of common excuses are “I’m not smart enough,” or “I don’t have the experience.” Basically, write down all the phrases you tell yourself that keep you from even attempting to succeed.
  2. Write down small steps you can take every day to make your life better.
    And commit to carrying them out! Examples of these small steps are cutting 200 calories out of your diet each day, walking for 30 minutes every morning, etc.
  3. Write down the actions you take on a regular basis that are keeping you from making your life better.
    Commit to stopping them immediately. Examples are watching TV for hours on end, overeating, etc.
  4. Write down the skills you have that have already made your life better.
    Can you improve on any of them?


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