Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

by Brian Tracy

Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want - Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible is a step-by-step guide to accomplishing long-term goals. It emphasizes the importance of writing your goals down, breaking them into smaller tasks that can be completed more easily, developing an action plan, and staying persistent on the road to success. The book contains the essence of the goal attainment process and provides the readers with numerous actions that can be taken on a daily basis to ensure professional achievements. 

Summary Notes

Unlock Your Potential

“Success is goals, and all else is commentary.”

Setting clear goals in life is the main driving force of achievement and success. Goals provide clarity to your life and help you determine your path. Everything that surrounds us started off as an idea that a goal-oriented person turned into reality. A critical life philosophy is that your external cosmos becomes a mere reflection of your internal cosmos.

Successful focus on getting what they want. Clear goals will often become a reality when a person formulates them in a clear and concise way and dedicates time and energy to achieve them. 

There are four major reasons why people don’t set goals: (1) the goals aren’t important, (2) they don’t know how to set them, (3) they are afraid to fail, and (4) they have a fear of rejection. 

The goals we set should be significant for us. Consequently, you will feel truly happy and satisfied when you make serious progress towards achieving something which is important to you. 

The first step to realizing your potential is to take enough time to set clear and specific goals, often on a daily basis. Then, develop an intense and strong desire to accomplish your goals.

Actions to take

Take Charge of Your Life

“The greatest enemies of success and happiness are negative emotions.”

Negative emotions can cause tremendous damage to your life, so if your goal is to be happy and successful, you should learn how to free yourself from them. The negative emotions that will hinder your progress and growth are fear, self-pity, envy, anger, and feelings of inferiority. They are predominantly caused by four factors.

The first one is justification. It’s easy to justify negative emotions, and by doing so, you give them legitimacy. Negativity then tends to linger, preventing you from moving on and discarding these feelings. When you stop justifying, you’ll be able to adopt a more positive mindset.

The second factor is rationalization. It means that you tend to come up with excuses about the wrong things you have done, in an attempt to rationalize questionable behavior. When people rationalize, they always depict themselves as the victim in any circumstance. 

The third factor is hypersensitivity to how people treat you. When people are excessively concerned with the opinions of others, they tend to experience a variety of negative emotions. After all, there will always be someone who has a negative opinion of you. 

The fourth factor is blaming. When you blame other people for your problems it means that you are unwilling to take responsibility for your own life. You may end up overwhelmed by negative emotions that become an obstacle to your growth. 

The best way to fight the major causes of negative feelings and to take charge of your life is to accept responsibility. You are responsible for your life and your decisions. 

Determine your locus of control. If it’s an internal locus, it means that you feel like you are in control of your destiny. Alternatively, people with an external locus of control feel that they are controlled by external factors. They lose out on the confidence and strength of people with an internal locus.

Actions to take

Start at the Beginning

“If you want to be the best you can be, and to achieve what is truly possible for you, you must be brutally honest with yourself.”

True self-actualization can only be achieved if we are completely honest with ourselves. Analyzing what you discover about yourself will open your eyes to your true abilities, and it will help you achieve your goals more easily. 

There are a few steps that you should take to make your dreams a reality. First, start at the beginning. What is the first thing to do in order to be able to move forward towards your goal? 

Then, determine your current hourly rate and think about how much you’d like it to increase. Make your calculations as accurate and as specific as possible. 

If you have a financial goal, then start by determining your true net worth. Once you’ve established it, think about your desired net worth and the number of years you’d need to achieve it. Being realistic about your expectations is crucial in your journey of acquiring more wealth. 

Sometimes people are so set in their ways that it becomes a problem. Some changes are necessary if there are aspects of your life that interfere with your long-term goals. The world changes, so changing your circumstances is natural and expected. To become more aware of the things that you would like or need to change, apply the zero-based thinking principle in every area of your life. Ask yourself what you are doing today that in the past you wouldn’t have even started doing if you had the chance. 

Changing also means that people can reinvent themselves, keeping in mind all that they have learned from previous experience. 

Maintaining a variety of skills, knowledge, and talents will give you different options in life and allow you to choose the path you desire.

Actions to take

Measure Your Progress

“Whatever your goals, make a list of all the tasks that you will have to accomplish in the achievement of those goals.”

Setting clear goals in life will enable you to use your mental powers in a more advanced way than an average person. Your conscious and unconscious minds will work in concert to drive you closer and faster towards your goals. 

Since progress can be very abstract and intangible, it is important to set milestones in order to evaluate or measure your progress. The measures you will establish ought to be as specific as possible because only then will you be able to determine whether you’re staying on schedule. 

“Commitment, completion, and closure” are the three crucial elements that will help you reach your goals. Making a firm commitment means that instead of excuses, you will find ways to make everything possible. Completion is the second key to success as 90% is not the same as 100% - 1ach task needs to be 100% completed. When you complete a task, regardless of how small, your brain will release endorphins and you will feel happier and more satisfied. 

Incomplete actions result in stress and anxiety, which can dramatically hinder your success. Therefore, having closure in both your personal and professional life will be highly beneficial to you. 

Another important aspect of measuring your success is setting deadlines. Any decision or plan should be followed by a deadline. Otherwise, people will procrastinate indefinitely and no targets will be hit. 

Any task that you have set out to achieve should be broken into smaller tasks. They will seem less daunting and it will become easier to complete it.

Actions to take

Become an Expert in Your Field

“The market only pays excellent rewards for excellent performance..”

When people make a commitment to excellence, it means that they are willing to work hard and smart in order to enter a very small circle of people who are highly valued as experts in a certain field. Anything can be achieved with the right mindset - one that is not overburdened with thoughts of limitations.

The world is changing rapidly, so you need to adapt to this ever-changing environment by constantly adopting new skills and acquiring knowledge. 

In order to become an expert, first, you need to analyze the field and determine which are the crucial aspects of the job that you need to master in order to excel at it. By identifying the knowledge that you’ll need, you will be able to get closer to achieving your goal. 

People are not static entities who are impervious to change. As they grow and mature, it will become completely natural for them to change careers and jobs. The only thing that they should keep constant is the neverending desire to improve and gain new and relevant skills in order to be successful in life.

All of us have weaknesses, which is expected and understandable, however, working on our professional weaknesses is necessary if our goal is to excel in the field we’ve chosen. In fact, personal improvement should be a long-term life goal for everybody. Lifelong learning is critical for long-term success in life.

Actions to take

Make a Plan for Action

“Your ability to set goals and make plans for their accomplishment is the ‘master skill’ of success.”

Multi-task jobs consist of a number of tasks that have to be completed in a particular order to be considered a success. One of the most effective ways to accomplish a certain goal is to break it down into steps, or tasks, and set a timeframe for completing each one of them. 

The planning process for achieving a certain goal is of utmost importance. At the beginning of the planning process, you should think about every single element that can contribute to your success. 

Then, write a list with everything that might be necessary for accomplishing your desired goal. It will soon become obvious that different items on the list have different priorities, so you can organize the list according to importance and determine the order in which tasks ought to be completed. 

Despite what you consider to be immaculate planning, failure is likely to happen. Transform these failures into life lessons, learn from them, and make the necessary adjustments.

Actions to take

Persist Until You Succeed

“Persistence is the true measure of individual human character.”

Fear can be detrimental to your success. There are a variety of factors that cause fear, however, one of the predominant ones is ignorance. Acquiring knowledge, gathering information, and mastering new skills can make you more confident in your abilities to complete the necessary tasks to accomplish your desired goal. 

Fear is present in all of us, even in courageous people and risk-takers. The important thing is learning to control your fears instead of allowing them to control you and your life. Having analyzed the root of your fears, start developing courage by constantly practicing courageous behavior. You will prevent fears from taking over your life, and you will be able to develop the necessary confidence to face any obstacles in life. 

Aside from conquering your fears, maintaining self-discipline is vital in the process of accomplishing your goals. You require the self-discipline to start your planning process, develop your action plan, stick to it, and make necessary revisions should new relevant information come to light. 

Since you will definitely face obstacles and challenges during this process, it is crucial that you persist. Persistence builds character - unshakable willpower is what successful people have in common. 

Nevertheless, being persistent does not mean that you are infallible. What will make you a winner is your ability to recognize the opportunity in any obstacle. Learning from past mistakes will improve your planning process and you will be able to adapt your action plan accordingly. 

Having a solution-oriented mindset will be the deciding factor in accomplishing your long-term goals.

Actions to take

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