The Power of Intention

The Power of Intention

by Wayne W. Dyer

Throughout all of creation, we see an invisible intelligence actively telling your heart to beat, keeping planets in orbit, causing plants to grow, and an infinite number of other things. Behind all these things is a pure, formless energy of intention. The Power of Intention unveils your mystical connection with this energy of intention and how to cooperate with it so you can create a life of fulfillment, bliss, abundance, and purpose.

Summary Notes

Viewing Intention From a New Perspective

“Believe that all that you seek you’ve already received, that it exists in spirit, and know you shall have your desires filled.”

When we think about “intention,” we tend to think of the summoning of the human will toward the desired end. Intention, however, can be seen as something far beyond the level of human will.

The intention is at play throughout the entire universe, from the smallest particles to the grandest galaxy. Intention, at this universal level, is an invisible field of energy built into and interconnecting all things and from which all things find their source. It is what brings forth the giant oak tree from a tiny acorn or a perfect infant from the combination of a sperm with an egg.

If we were to examine matter down to its smallest components, ultimately, we would see that there are no particles at the source, only pure energy. This pure, formless, unbounded energy is the source from which all things came. We are intimately connected to it. In fact, we essentially are it. Even when we aren't aware of it, the field of intention is constantly at work, rotating our planet, growing trees, beating our hearts, growing our fingernails, and an infinite number of other things.

This all-pervading source connects all things. As we align ourselves with this intention, we can tap into the life-giving creative power of the universe.

The reason we feel so disconnected from the source and from all other things is because of our ego, or concept of self, where we see ourselves as distinct individuals defined by what we have, what we do, our reputation, and our separateness.

Intention, however, cannot be accessed through ego but rather through connecting to our true self, which is born from the field of intention. The good news is that intention is always there, and we’ve always been connected to it. We simply need to let go of resistance and instead trust our place within it.

Since our thoughts exist as energy within and as part of this field, we can then merge our thoughts with the universal mind of intention. Our thoughts form energetic prototypes within the field of intention, and as we set our own intention within this field, we can co-create with it to manifest our desires.

The Seven Faces of Intention

To tap into the field of intention, we must first understand its nature so that we can harmonize and align with it ourselves. Intention can be known by its seven “faces.”

  • The face of creativity involves the creative power of intention, which brought all things forth from formless energy, including you from before you were even an embryo. This face of intention is evident everywhere in creation.
  • The face of kindness is evident simply because ‘creation,’ including ourselves, exists. Malevolent and unkind energy would not have the intention to create but to destroy. Additionally, when we act kindly, we experience numerous health benefits, such as a boosted immune system and increased production of serotonin in the brain, and those receiving kindness experience similar benefits, too.
  • The face of love is seen in intention’s life-giving nature. Love wishes for our growth and flourishing. We must remain harmonized with the energy of love to stay connected with the field of intention. Our thoughts are energy, and high-energy love-based thoughts can convert lower energies such as hate, worry, and sadness.
  • The face of beauty is seen throughout the universe’s grandeur and the millions of manifestations of beauty throughout nature, the animal kingdom, and humanity. The field of intention would not manifest anything that is not beautiful to itself. By learning to see the beauty around us, we attract more beauty into our lives. Focusing on the ugly only attracts more ugliness into thoughts, feelings, and lives.
  • The face of expansion is characterized by the intention’s continuous expanding expression. The universe is in a state of expansion, and life continues to expand into more life. Intention manifests itself in the form of ever-expanding creativity, kindness, love, and beauty. Aligning with intention allows you to experience the same expansion and increase in your own life.
  • The face of abundance involves the ever-supplying nature of intention. We tend to think in terms of boundaries and limitations, such as what is yours and what is not. But intention has no such boundaries, as it comes from a place of infinite abundance. We have no limits to our own potential because we are manifested from this field of intention, and by aligning with this face of intention, we can manifest and attract abundance into our lives.
  • The face of receptivity entails intention’s non-judgmental and ever-receptive posture toward all things. It welcomes everyone and everything. We make ourselves available to the intention's guidance if we are willing to recognize and receive this truth. The source works in manifold ways, such as the right person, book, or circumstance appearing magically at the right time as the field of intention co-creates your desires with you. Seeing life as unfolding by mere chance or coincidence is a failure to be receptive to the energy of intention.

Actions to take

Staying Connected with Intention

“Become just like intention, and you’ll co-create all that you contemplate.”

Staying connected with intention has much to do with your thought life. Being doubtful or contemplating what is missing in your life will prevent you from accessing the law of co-creation.

You must continually align your thoughts, feelings, and view of reality in harmony with the power of intention. Stop doubting your ability to produce your desired results. Instead, place your trust in an infinite power of intention that is working for and with you to manifest your desires. Contemplate yourself as surrounded by the invisible conditions of abundance, creativity, receptivity, and love that intention has for you.

Your imagination is your link to intention. It creates an inner picture of the possibilities. Since thoughts are energy, they exist in the field of intention. Through the act of imagining, you can participate with intention in creation. Staying aligned with the seven faces of intention and using your imagination to see and believe in the desired end state will put you in a vibrational match with the spirit of intention, allowing your desires to manifest.

Staying connected to intention also involves avoiding certain obstacles that create resistance between ourselves and intention. If we are hung up on what’s missing in our life, we will only attract more wants. So we must shift from thinking about what’s missing to what we intend to manifest and attract. Instead of thinking, “I need more money,” for example, say, “I intend to attract unlimited abundance into my life.” What you think about will inevitably expand and attract more of the same energy into your life.

Similarly, if you complain about your life circumstances, you will only attract more of whatever it is into your life. So shift to thinking from the end, imagining the desired end state, and setting your intention firmly upon that while trusting in the spirit to manifest your desires.

Moreover, you should also avoid getting caught up in what others want or expect from you. When your thoughts are continually dominated by the thoughts, opinions, and expectations of others, you will inevitably attract more of what they want into your life. So shift once again to what you intend to create.

By doing all these, you seek to gain a vibrational or energetic match with the field of intention. Higher energies are characterized by the seven faces of intention, while lower energies are characterized by scarcity, anger, worry, etc. Remember that you are an energy system, and your thoughts play a crucial role in your energetic expression. So commit to thinking in ways that raise your energy levels. This starts with being aware of your thoughts through the help of meditation. You should also be careful of what you put into your body as it can lower your energy level.

Artificial foods, sugary treats or drinks, alcohol, and other unhealthy substances will cause fatigue and contribute to low energy. The same happens with what you feed your mind. For example, some types of music or news may promote feelings of anger and other negative emotions. That’s why it’s important to identify the things that promote love and peace in your mind.

Your environment is also important in raising your energy levels. So, allow yourself to engage in activities that raise your vibrations, such as enrolling in a yoga class or a hike in nature. You should also spend time with people who bring positive energy to you.

Finally, you should let go of your self-importance, as living from the ego will prevent you from connecting with your source. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Remember that you are not what others think of you, so you must let go of such ideas and your need to win or be right. Instead, learn to connect with who you truly are as a manifestation of intention.

Actions to take

Intention and Your Purpose

“You are in the truest sense, as I’ve said previously, either a human being having an occasional spiritual experience or an infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience.”

Whatever you desire for others is what you’ll attract into your life. If you choose to desire peace and love for others, you’ll also attract them for yourself. Similarly, if you see all your relationships as holy, you’ll raise your energy level for them and for yourself. Seeing others as divine expressions and wanting or demanding nothing from them will allow them to become co-creators in manifesting your desires.

So begin to treat everyone you meet as if it is a holy encounter. Seeing your interactions this way will attract higher energies and more serendipitous encounters and circumstances.

Aside from this, you should also begin saying yes to opportunities and requests more often, knowing that the spirit of intention is creating opportunities and designing encounters to manifest your desires. Saying no attracts more no’s. Therefore, you must make ‘yes’ your inner mantra by giving your resounding “yes” to others. Soon, you’ll realize how you’re also attracting that “yes” into your life!

As you shift in this way, you will notice a difference in how others react to you because you will instill in others a sense of value, well-being, energy, purpose, and beauty. Your way of treating others impacts the collective consciousness of all humanity. Any shift you make, even in the way you think, extends far beyond yourself.

In aligning with your true spiritual nature, you will see yourself less from the ego-centric view but as part of life's infinite and eternal essence. As humans, we have some sense of spiritual things and perhaps have a spiritual experience here and there. But instead of viewing ourselves as humans having the occasional spiritual experience, we should consider ourselves as eternal spiritual beings with a temporary human experience.

After all, you are an infinite being, connected mystically to your source, which is eternal and omnipresent. There is never a moment when you are separated from it. Just as a drop of water from the ocean is itself the ocean, you are essentially the same as your source. You have an appointment with the infinite, but you don’t have to wait until death to live in this reality. In fact, living in the reality of the infinite now liberates you from the fear of death.

Living in the infinite gives a sense of destiny because nothing is meaningless, and all things have been born from intention. Living within the spirit of intention reveals that all things are possible. You will live in awe of the infinite universe that is your silent partner in all of your life. You will live in humility and extreme generosity, free from doubt and with a passion that is God within you.

Actions to take

Putting Intention to Work

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”

To align with intention and allow its power to flow into and through your life, you must affirm yourself with these eight phrases:

  • It is my intention to respect myself at all times. You cannot tap into the power of intention without recognizing yourself as a piece of the universal mind in whom God resides. Living by the ego opens the door to being defined by your failures and the opinions of others. See yourself instead as a host to God, authentically connected to the spirit. Know you are worthy of love, wellness, and abundance. This will attract more of these things into your life.
  • It is my intention to live my life on purpose. Your ultimate and singular purpose is to attain the realization of God. Your very existence proves that you have a purpose, as you would not have been created otherwise. Stay aligned with your source by giving your life away in service. Let go of your ego, as it will just distract you from the purpose of life. Stay aligned with the seven faces of intention, and intention will reveal your specific calling in this life.
  • It is my intention to be authentic and peaceful with all of my relatives. When we are preoccupied with our family's desires and opinions, we attract more of what they want for us, causing us to fail to live in authenticity and peace within ourselves. Don’t be willing to make the opinions of others more important than your own opinion of yourself. Instead, monitor your inner dialogue concerning your family relationships and intentionally fill your thoughts and attitudes towards them with peace (thinking from the end). Bring higher energy to dissipate the lower energy dynamics within your family.
  • It is my intention to feel successful and attract abundance into my life. You cannot attract abundance into your life with a scarcity mindset and limiting beliefs. So start operating from a place of abundance and generosity. Imagine yourself already possessing the abundance you desire, which shall manifest from intention. Better than seeking to manifest money is to focus on abundant friendships, security, wellness, happiness, and high energy. Money is only one aspect of this equation, and the positive feelings you develop will increase the “pulling power” for success in your life.
  • It is my intention to live a stress-free, tranquil life. The source is in an eternal state of bliss, peace, and joy. You came from this energy, and it is your natural state. Aligning with your ego, however, allows stress to enter your life through thoughts from scarcity and competition. Often, stress arrives in our lives when we are taking ourselves too seriously, so learn to lighten up and trust in the intention to provide for your needs. Fix your intention upon cultivating good feelings that resonate with the faces of intention.
  • It is my intention to attract ideal people and divine relationships. Matching up with the field of intention will allow the right people to appear in your life to fulfill your own personal intention. Remember that the right people and relationships are already there; you just have to be willing and open to allowing what intention brings forth. Be the right vibrational match for these relationships by embodying the very things you seek to attract in those relationships.
  • It is my intention to optimize my capacity to heal and be healed. We all have the potential to be healers, but healing needs to first start with us. The body has amazing regenerative abilities through the power of intention. Vibrating at a higher frequency brings high spiritual energy levels that can nullify and convert lower/diseased energy. Connecting to the source is connecting with the source of all perfection and health. Align your thoughts and feelings with this truth, and imagine the perfect state of health that exists in spirit. You will attract this into your life and be a channel of it to others.
  • It is my intention to appreciate and express the genius that I am. Everyone is born with the potential for creative genius, as we are all manifested from the all-creating field of intention. Be sure to recognize and appreciate the genius in others, and you will learn to recognize your own genius as well. Declutter your life to allow more freedom for creative expression.

Actions to take

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