Live within the infinite now


  1. Treat relationships according to their divine worth.
    Make all of your relationships divine by treating others according to their divine worth. Desire for others what they desire for themselves. Attempt to radiate high energy intent toward others for the things that will make them happy and fulfilled. Remember that by aligning with intention, you can counterbalance the negativity of millions of people.
  2. Decide to live within the infinite now.
    You have an appointment with infinity, and the sooner you keep that appointment, the freer you will be. Affirm to yourself: “I’m no longer identified by this body/mind, and I reject this label from this moment on. I’m infinite. I’m one with all of humanity. I’m one with my source, and this is how I choose to view myself from this day forward.
  3. Transform low-energy thoughts through the perspective of infinity.
    When faced with low-energy thoughts and feelings, consider whether or not it makes sense from the perspective of infinity. From the outlook of eternity, living any moment in fear, worry, or frustration is senseless. Realize that you are a manifestation from the source that is pure love to fill your life with awe and gratitude.


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