The Miracle Equation: The Two Decisions That Move Your Biggest Goals from Possible, to Probable, to Inevitable

The Miracle Equation: The Two Decisions That Move Your Biggest Goals from Possible, to Probable, to Inevitable

by Hal Elrod

Miracle Equation will teach you the habits, attitudes and concepts that will help you inevitably achieve your goals in life. It proposes that the combination of Unwavering Faith and Extraordinary Efforts is able to create tangible measurable miracles including success, fulfilment and happiness over an extended period of time. After reading this book, you will realize that you have unlimited potential - no vision is too big to be realized. 

Summary Notes

Demystifying miracles

“This book is about the kind of tangible, measurable miracles that require your active participation in producing them”.

You may have heard about miracles, especially those where people survive situations that would have normally resulted in death. The problem with these types of miracles is that they easily create scepticism which can, in turn, result in cynicism. 

Do you want to turn your visions into reality while accessing your full potential? Of course, you do. Focus on measurable miracles that require your active participation in producing them. This allows you to have a significant degree of control over your level of success and achievements as long as you understand the processes and consistently work on them. 

Everyone was born with unlimited human potential, including you. Throughout history, we have all seen people who achieved a lot despite their past challenges. For example, Oprah Winfrey became one of the wealthiest women in the world after a childhood that was filled with abuse and poverty. Similarly, Jay-Z grew up poor in a Brooklyn housing project before moving on to become a world-famous rapper and business tycoon. You can turn things around irrespective of your past or current circumstances.

It is therefore imperative to make the decision to always maintain unwavering faith in yourself and commit to putting in extraordinary efforts to achieve your biggest dreams.

Reflect on other miracle mavens such as Michael Phelps, who became an Olympian at age fifteen and went on to win twenty-three gold medals or Elon Musk, who is constantly creating technological miracles that help move humanity forward. It is their unwavering faith and extraordinary efforts that brought them to where they are today.

Actions to take

Achieving your dreams inevitably

“It is living in alignment with the equation that will enable you to tap into your ability to operate in any area of your life at a Level 10”

As a miracle maven, you shouldn't limit yourself only to average and mediocrity. You can actually thrive according to your full potential and achieve extraordinary results as long as you live in alignment with the miracle equation, which is a combination of unwavering faith and extraordinary efforts. 

You will definitely face challenges and obstacles as you work towards your goals, and you will have to fight your natural tendency of taking the easy way out and quitting. The trick is to work hard consistently. Even if you end up failing with this particular project, you will at least train yourself to become the type of person who can achieve such goals. 

Basically, don’t get discouraged by an achievement of $18000 in sales when you were hoping for $20000. You may have improved your sales from what you registered in the previous months and you may have also learned the importance of being patient with your clients or working during your supposed leisure time. 

You will also experience push periods, which are the times you have seemingly impossible objectives and goals to achieve. Most miracles actually happen after the push period so do not give up. Nurture your unwavering faith in your capabilities and continue to put in extraordinary efforts every single day.

Actions to take

Fighting the inherent human conflict and exploring your limitless potentials

“Every day, previously held limitations are shattered as another one of us taps into our shared limitless potential and sets new standards for what we are all capable of achieving”.

As a miracle maven, you should have it at the back of your mind that everything is possible, achievable and that your future is limitless. If someone else has done something, that’s enough to prove you can do it too.

However, you might be limiting yourself without even realizing it. Our inborn human nature often leads us towards the easy road of doubting ourselves and giving up amidst challenges. Additionally, you can be greatly influenced by people around you and end up stifling your desire to pursue your own goals. This can be due to a perceived need to follow certain rules, the irrational limiting beliefs others project onto you, etc.

So can you create an extraordinary life? Well, the answer lies in understanding the inherent human conflict, which is all about understanding that you are limitless, but for some reason, still letting the world around you confine you to being smaller than you should be. Most of the time, this results in unhappiness, anxiety, and the feeling that you could be more. 

You, therefore, need to overcome this conflict and choose the path to greatness, which is not necessarily the safest nor most comfortable route.

There are four internal conflicts that tend to show up most often. This is what we must t overcome to live extraordinary lives:

  1. Registering new opportunities as dangerous

  2. Rejecting the notion that we are deserving of all that we want and settling for mediocre effort and results in one, several, or all areas of our lives.

  3. Losing sight of our innate gifts and failing to see all that we can accomplish.

  4. Allowing the world to define us and also influence our thinking, thereby leading us to believe that we are less capable than we actually are.

Actions to take

Becoming emotionally invincible

“However, when your emotional state isn’t optimal—whether you’re experiencing stress, fear, worry, regret, resentment, or any other unpleasant emotion—you’re not thinking about what’s possible”

As you go through life, you will experience circumstances that are out of your control. For example, you could have an accident that confines you to a wheelchair for the rest of your life, or your business partner could decide to back out on an important business deal you had been waiting to seal.

These types of things can drain you emotionally and can cause you to start dwelling on negative emotions like anger, frustration, fear, and resentment. You will also probably start finding it difficult to fine-tune your plans or brainstorm solutions to your problems.

Most often, we tend to attribute emotional pain to the circumstances, situations and people who fail to meet our expectations. But the truth is, how you handle bad situations is more about what is going inside you, not what is going on around you. 

No matter how challenging something is, it’s up to you to manage your emotions by accepting the things you can’t change. 

There are three ways to get to this stage of acceptance: 

  1. The 5-minute rule: When you’re feeling a rush of emotions, give yourself five minutes to fully feel all of them.

  2. The “can’t change it mantra”: Remind yourself that you can’t change what has already occurred nor can you alter some aspects of your present or future.

  3. Accept life before it happens: Consciously decide that you will never again resist anything that you can’t change. This will help you prevent future emotional pain.

Actions to take

Understanding the new paradigm of possibility

“Yet few people actually set meaningful goals for themselves, and even fewer actually achieve their goals”.

Everyone can set goals, but as a miracle maven, you should be focused on setting meaningful goals which are achievable. Mediocre people rarely put in extraordinary efforts to succeed because they already expect two outcomes -failure or success. 

However, you can achieve extraordinary things by setting clear goals where the only outcome is success. Through the process of achieving one meaningful goal, you will surely learn valuable knowledge and skills that will help you throughout your life. 

Focus on setting goals from which you can learn, grow and become more capable than you were before, even if you fail to achieve your immediate objective.

Of course, you still need to maintain unwavering faith in yourself and put in extraordinary efforts to bring your goals or vision into reality.

Actions to take

Creating a clear mission for yourself

“The more goals we set and give equal priority to, the less likely we are to achieve what matters most to us”.

As a miracle maven, it is imperative for you to focus more on what really matters for you. When you try to work on too many goals at once with no clarity as to which goal deserves your top priority, you will likely fail. Working like this usually results in inconsequential progress, missed targets or feeling overwhelmed. Plus, it will prevent you from developing the ability to prioritize and remain focused over an extended period of time.

Focus on what actually matters most to you instead. What would make the most significant impact on the quality of your life? 

Your most important goals are those that will enable you to develop the qualities and characteristics you need to achieve everything else in life. This is why Identifying the goals that actually matter to you is essential in clarifying your mission.

That said, there is a difference between your goals and your mission. Goals are the many things you intend to accomplish. For example, your goals may be to start a new business, to change your career or to lose weight. 

On the other hand, your mission is the one thing you are committed to achieving no matter what. For example, your mission could be to become the number one producer of a product in your country.

Actions to take

Maintaining unwavering faith in yourself

“It is by establishing and maintaining faith that you can achieve something that propels you into action”.

Almost all miracle mavens have faced challenges that would have stopped them if they didn't maintain unwavering faith. For example, Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper because he “had no good ideas” before he went on to create one of the most creative companies that ever existed. Elvis Presley was also told to go back to his truck driving job after an audition at the Grand Ole Opry but he went on to become a music icon. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team but he later joined the Chicago Bulls and became a basketball icon.

The point of these examples is that you will likely encounter many challenges, some of which will come from people who do not see your potential. However, you need to respond by maintaining unwavering faith in your abilities, just like these miracle mavens did. It is this unwavering faith that will propel you into life-changing actions. Of course, the more actions you take, the more chances you have to achieve success.

There is no shortcut to success, so your number one decision as a miracle maven should be to keep the faith. Therefore, you shouldn't let your setbacks cloud your vision and cause your faith to waver. Once you establish strong unwavering faith in yourself, you can easily maintain it by putting in extraordinary efforts until your anticipated miracle becomes a reality.

Actions to take

Putting in extraordinary effort

“Extraordinary Effort is the second decision you must make to implement the Miracle Equation”.

Hard work comes with a lot of sacrifices and that’s why some people just prefer the easy way out - laziness. Others even put in just minimal efforts to avoid suffering any negative consequences. However, as a miracle maven, you must put in extraordinary effort after establishing and maintaining unwavering faith in yourself.

Creating miracles entails active engagement and sustained effort. So, be ready to put in the time and effort to create meaningful results that will transform how you view yourself. Your goal should be to transform yourself into a self-disciplined, hardworking individual who is capable of consistently putting extraordinary effort in a simple way and creating miracles.

There are three components of extraordinary effort:

  1. Actions that move you closer to your ideal results.

  2. Actions that will most likely take you out of your comfort zone.

  3. Consistent effort over an extended period of time (regardless of your results along the way).

Actions to take

Maintaining your miracles

“If the ultimate goal here is for you to develop and embody the characteristics of a Miracle Maven so that you can maintain the ability to create miracles at will, you must think and act like a Miracle Maven”.

Creating a miracle is one thing, and maintaining it is another. To maintain extraordinary success, you need to develop and embody the characteristics of a miracle maven, so you can also create miracles at will. You have to let go of the limitations you have carried with you in the past and start seeing yourself as someone who is worthy, deserving and capable of creating everything for yourself.

So, how do you achieve a miracle maven mindset? The answer lies in creating affirmations that are rooted in truth and strategically designed to accelerate your application of the miracle equation. It is apparent that every result in your life is preceded by a process; you must therefore design your process, implement it and above all make affirmations that you shall succeed.

That said, miracle equation affirmations will accomplish two major outcomes:

  1. Upgrade and reprogram your subconscious mind by minimizing or eliminating any inherent conflicts that are holding you back while actively instilling the Unwavering Faith you need to accomplish anything that you choose.

  2. Direct your conscious mind toward the activities that you deem to be most important and keep you engaged in the Extraordinary Effort necessary to move your biggest goals from possible to probable to inevitable.

Actions to take

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