Create and implement your miracle equation affirmations.


  1. Create a miracle mantra and recite it daily.
    Make it a simple sentence that encapsulates your commitment to your mission. You can use the following template: “I am committed to maintaining unwavering faith that I will _______, and putting forth extraordinary effort until I do, no matter what.”
  2. Articulate why your mission is deeply meaningful.
    Your mission may not be world-changing, it can be something big or small, but it must have significance for you.  For example, your goal of being active in your kid's life could come from the deep love you have for them.
  3. Identify a clear process and commit to taking action. 
    This will help you solidify your extraordinary effort and make the achievement of your mission inevitable.
  4. Establish your entitled enlightenment.
    Remind yourself of the universal truth that you are just as worthy, deserving, and capable of achieving everything you want as any other committed person in the world.
  5. Recite your Miracle Equation Affirmations (steps 1-4) with emotions daily.
    This will go a long way to help you commit to your process.


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