Mentorist Essentials for 2022

Mentorist Essentials for 2022

by Mentorist

It’s that time of year again - we’re setting our New Year’s Resolutions and dreaming about all the positive changes we’re going to inspire in our lives.

This edition of Mentorist Essentials contains a list of carefully curated actions from some of the best books on personal development. Explore what you’re passionate about, set yourself up to achieve small wins every day, and discover what you’re truly capable of.

Summary Notes

First, get inspired - follow what excites you.

The opposite of happiness is not sadness. It is boredom. People ask themselves, “What do I want?” or, “What are my goals?” while the better question is, “What would excite me?”

When people say to follow your passion or your bliss, they’re actually referring to the same singular concept: excitement.

Actions to take

Carve Your Path To Success - Use The Goal Setting To The Now Approach

Using the Goal Setting to the Now approach will help you set a clear timeline for you to achieve your end goal (i.e., your Someday Goal). It’s similar to the domino effect: what you do right now will help you achieve what you want tomorrow; what you do tomorrow will help you achieve what you want next week; and so on, until you have achieved your Someday Goal.

Actions to take

Take action - discover the new paradigm of possibility

Everyone can set goals, but you should be focused on setting meaningful goals which are achievable. Mediocre people rarely put in extraordinary efforts to succeed because they already expect two outcomes: failure or success. 

However, you can achieve extraordinary things by setting clear goals where the only outcome is success. Plus, through the process of achieving one meaningful goal, you will surely learn valuable knowledge and skills that will help you throughout your life.

Actions to take

Manage competing priorities - say “no” to everything that does not support your goals.

There are a lot of things that want to take up your time. Learn to say “no” to most of them. Your time is precious, and only you get to decide how to use it.

Research shows that people who say “no” to requests of their time are happier and have more energy.

Actions to take

Become indistractable - hack your external triggers

External triggers often lead to distraction. Cues in our environment like notifications, calls from our cell phones and interruptions from other people take us off track. 

While they are not always harmful, we must learn how to discern whether the external trigger leads to accomplishing our task or distracts us away from it. To discern if the trigger is helpful or harmful, we must learn to ask ourselves: Is this trigger serving me or am I serving it? 

Our devices have features that we can utilize in order to make ourselves indistractable. In less than an hour, we can configure our phones and our desktops to help us focus on the work that needs to be done.

Actions to take

Plan dynamically - use the six-level model to review your work.

This model will provide you with a useful framework around which you can structure your tasks. It will help you define your work and priorities so you know what to work on and when to work on it.

Reward yourself - make your good habits stick

Usually, bad habits give us instant satisfaction, and the bad effects are someday in the future. Similarly, good habits don’t give us instant satisfaction and the positive impacts are delayed for months or years. 

What you can do here is to add a little bit of immediate pleasure whenever you practice your good habits. This triggers your mind to associate pleasure with the habit and you’ll find it easier and easier to practice.

Actions to take

Don’t just read. Act.
Read comprehensive summaries and discover carefully compiled action lists for active learning