Hack external triggers of distraction


  1. Uninstall the apps you no longer need.
    This can keep you from getting distracted and help you clear up storage and memory as well.

  2. Organize your desktop and home screen.
    Move your phone apps that may trigger mindless checking away from your phone’s home screen. Create folders that can help you not only clear your digital workspace but organize your files as well.

  3. Replace your phone with other straightforward devices.
    For example, shift using potentially distracting apps like YouTube and Facebook from your phone to your desktop. Or, use a wristwatch instead of a phone to check the time.

  4. Manage your notifications.
    Consider changing the notification settings for your phone apps and/or desktop. Utilize the Do Not Disturb settings of your device to prevent unnecessary notifications.

  5. Clear your inbox.
    Unsubscribe from emails that you’re not getting value from anymore.

  6. Clear your social media feed.
    Take control of your social media feeds by installing free browser extensions that help avoid endless scrolling. Some examples include News Feed Eradicator and News Feed Burner.

  7. Save interesting content for later.
    To avoid opening multiple tabs to read articles, use an app called Pocket to save interesting content for later.


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