Get into the flow state

Think of the last time you were in the flow state. The fluidity between your body and mind when you’re completely absorbed by what’s in front of you. Time slows down, your senses heighten, and you’re able to think and act with deliberate precision.

The flow state can feel elusive at times, and maintaining it can be challenging when our mind wants to distract us instead. Use this action map to stay in the zone and maintain your flow.

Most of the time, what’s keeping us out of the flow state is our own mind. If you find that you don’t really enjoy the activity you’re doing, perhaps it’s time to change your perspective on it.

Reward yourself through your feelings - the accomplishment, pride, and happiness you feel when you’re able to get your task done. That’s motivation enough.

Put your workflow on paper and free up your mind. There will certainly be challenges along the way, but with a clear understanding of the full picture, you’ll be able to maintain your focus and flow.

If you find yourself slipping out of the flow state, take a few minutes to breathe and bring yourself to a state of calmness.

You could also make this exercise a part of your morning routine - you’ll start your day feeling fresh and focused.

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