How to become an influencer

Everyone wants to be in the social media game, but coming out on top requires more than just posting a few blurbs every week.

Set the stage for your online presence to grow like wildflowers. Let your purpose be your compass, practice creativity as a lifestyle, and turn your ideas into actions. Get started with this learning map.

Ask yourself, why do I want this? When you know what you want to achieve with each post and what sort of feelings you want to inspire, you’ll naturally make the right creative decisions.

People are born curious, but we lose it when we don’t use it. Curiosity gives rise to genius, so embrace yours! The more you exercise this unique muscle, the more innovative and exciting ideas you’ll have to share with the world.

Let yourself be driven by inspiration while leading a creative life. When you allow your ideas to flow forth, you’ll have a vast pool of originality to create with. Even not-so-great ideas can be building blocks for the future.

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