Work, family, or personal life... Why not all 3?

A learning map to achieve work/life balance

What does work/life balance look like to you? - Meeting project deadlines and spending time with family/friends - Guilt-free time to spend on yourself - Getting enough rest and eating well

You can set yourself up for victory in both your professional and personal life. Manage your time more efficiently, streamline your process to focus on what really matters, and develop a more sustainable way of living.

Give yourself at least one hour in the morning: your Victory Hour. Break this down into 3 20-minute chunks to exercise, reflect, and grow. Your Victory Hour determines the quality of the rest of your day.

Do the activities you like during each chunk of time - for example, go for a walk instead of going to the gym. Or, dream about your future instead of meditating. The point is to enjoy the process of becoming better.

When we focus on getting tasks done, we sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture. If you want to balance your work with your life, you first need to figure out what you want that life to be.

Add your priorities to your calendar - if anything’s not on the schedule, it doesn’t get done. Use this to reflect on how you can achieve better work/life balance - what are you spending your time on, and what can you change?

Chasing perfection is one of the most demotivating things we can do - we get preoccupied with the idea of doing something, and we have less energy for the actual, concrete actions that will get us there.

We can’t always accomplish everything we set out to do, and that’s okay! There’s always tomorrow - and even if you only do 10 minutes today, you’ve got a bit of a headstart for the next day.

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