Use your calendar to organize your life


  1. Define your values.
    List down the things that matter to you. This could be family time, focused work, time for your hobbies, relaxation, and so on.

  2. Reflect on your life domains.
    Think about how much time you need in a day or a week to make sure you live by your values for yourself, your work, and your relationships.

  3. Create 30-minute or 1-hour timeboxes in your calendar.
    Assign activities that are aligned with your values in each of these timeboxes.

  4. Honor your schedule.
    Distraction starts if you’re not spending your time doing what you had planned.

  5. Schedule a 15-minute time on your schedule every week to reflect and refine your calendar.
    Ask yourself these two questions:

    • “When in my schedule did I do what I said I would do and when did I get distracted?” and
    • “Are there changes I can make to my calendar that will give me the time I need to better live out my values?”


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