Become a master communicator

Humans are so special because we’re amazing communicators. We build civilizations, explore the world, and share our experiences through this power. Most importantly, we communicate to relate to one another and ourselves.

Our thoughts are often garbled, continuous messages playing in our heads, but they make much more sense once put into words. Check out this learning map and start naming the world around you - bring your experiences out of the shadows.

Be impeccable with your word

We often allow negativity into our minds, and this can corrupt the message we deliver.

The way you choose to communicate your thoughts sets the mood for the rest of your interactions. Whether you’re talking to yourself, or to someone else, take care to use the words that precisely mean what you think.

Boost your charisma instantly

Charisma isn’t something we’re born with, it’s something we learn through practice. These three tips can help you get started on developing your charisma - but remember that there’s no one technique that works for everyone. It’s more about communicating presence, power, and warmth through your own, unique character.

Maintain a winning posture

People will notice your body language even before you speak. Your posture communicates a lot about you - when you hold your head high, you appear calm, cool, and confident. Keep a relaxed smile on your face, others will find you approachable and friendly.

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