Work alone as a default and develop more efficient group collaborations.

The best inventors are artists, and artists work best alone where they can control an invention’s design without others interfering and modifying it to fit in with their own ideals. When you work alone, you will find it much easier to design revolutionary products and features. 

Once you develop your skills as an individual, you can contribute more effectively to a team.


  1. Spend time on your tasks and projects alone, not on a committee or team.
    This should be followed even when practicing a skill, studying for a test, etc. Ensure your team is also allowed time to work alone.

  2. When you are working, focus only on your work
    It’s fine to chat with your coworkers over a cup of coffee, but only after you’ve completed the work you have planned. When you focus solely on your work, you unlock your inner creativity.

  3. Seek out symbiotic introvert-extrovert relationships
    Look for people who have the skills and qualities you do not. Leadership and other tasks can then be divided according to people’s natural strengths and temperaments. Overall, your team will be much stronger.


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