Use Twitter.

Twitter is good place to listen, react, and hijack. You can easily find people who have passion around the subject in which you want to grow your influence.

It’s worth it to use Twitter for business development, because it’s more likely that when you send a direct message to a person, they will respond. This is because influencers have fewer followers on Twitter than on other platforms like Instagram.


  1. Post a lot of tweets with your thoughts related to trendy topics, and use hashtags so people can find you when they look for more information.
    On the mobile app, you can see the trendy topics when you click the search button.

  2. Consider using videos—they can be up to 140 seconds.
    Videos may have more visibility.

  3. Find people talking about a subject related to your business and then, in an unthreatening and interesting way, create a connection with them.
    If you do it well and frequently enough, eventually you can point those people straight to your website or Youtube channel.

  4. Invest enough time. Using Twitter to build an audience requires a few hours every day.
    At the beginning no one knows you, so more time is needed.

  5. Try to start conversations with users of Twitter.
    It’s the best platform to introduce yourself to many people in a short time.


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