Use triggers to make people use your product more.

There is probably nothing more powerful to make people use your product than triggers. Triggers remind them about your product, remind them why they should use it. And there are many types of triggers at your disposal, for example, emails, push notifications, and advertisements.


The bad way of using triggers: begging users to do something.

The good way of using triggers: using one of these six principles of persuasion that Robert Cialdini presented in his book Influence:

  1. Reciprocity—People are very likely to return a favor, regardless of the favor done.

  2. Commitment and consistency—People who have taken one action are likely to take another.

  3. Social proof—People look to the actions of others to help them make their own decisions.

  4. Authority—People look to those in the position of authority to decide which action to take.

  5. Liking—People will do business more readily with people they like.

  6. Scarcity—People will take action when they are worried that they will miss out on the opportunity in the future.


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