Use the proper tone of voice.

When we radiate warmth and acceptance, conversations just seem to flow. Our voice can bring a level of comfort and enthusiasm, and this attracts people. Tone of voice is cross-cultural and is never lost in translation.


  1. Smile.
    A smile on your face and in your voice will increase your mental agility. When speaking, you should generally use a positive/playful voice. The voice of an easy-going, good-natured person is best in negotiation.

  2. Be aware of the tone and inflection of your voice.
    A gentle downward-inflected voice, like an “FM DJ,” is another tone that is effective for a negotiator. Talking slowly and clearly conveys the idea of quiet and self-assured control.

  3. Avoid an assertive or direct voice when negotiating.
    Negotiators that employ an assertive tone often signal dominance and bring aggressive or passive-aggressive responses.


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