Use the laws of nature and evolution to your advantage.

Evolution is the greatest force in the universe. It always has and always will exist, and it drives everything. Organisms must evolve to survive, and only the strongest will. All things such as organizations, human capabilities and products evolve through time in a similar way.


  1. Look to nature to learn how reality works.
    Nature gave us all the laws of reality. We can use them to foster our own evolution and achieve our goals.

  2. Realize that we are everything and nothing at the same time. And you decide what you want to be.
    In our own eyes, we are everything to ourselves. But each of us is only a small particle in the universe.

  3. Understand how evolution works. It optimizes for the whole rather than only for you.
    Things that may seem bad to you can be good for the whole. That’s why it’s important to look at things from a different perspective.

  4. Remember, “No pain, no gain.”
    Nature gave us pain in order to alert us and to help direct us.

  5. In order to gain strength, one must push one’s limits, which is painful.
    This is true whenever we build body and mind.

  6. Remember to reflect after you experience pain.
    Pain + reflection = progress. This means there is no progress if you forget to reflect.

  7. In order to evolve, go toward the pain rather than avoid it.
    When you experience pain, it’s most likely a very important juncture in your life.

  8. Embrace tough love.
    Giving everything to the people you love is not always a good idea. Consider this: If you don’t give them what they want, it will give them an opportunity to struggle so that they can develop the strength to get what they want on their own.


Know that just like nature, there are seasons in life. Everything is temporary, this is true for the good and the bad.

Just hold on.

Take action!

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