Unlock the power of Universal intelligence to manifest your desires


  1. ** Understand the power of your thoughts.**
    Your thoughts are linked to the invisible energy that makes up all that exists, and they help mold it into that which we experience on the physical plane.
  2. ** Acknowledge the power of Universal Intelligence.**
    Recognize that there is a force larger than your physical self at play in your life and agree to take some new beliefs for a spin.
  3. ** Quiet your mind and receive the information the universe is trying to send you.**
    Spend time in meditation and stillness to listen to your intuition and trust the answers it provides. This is especially helpful when making important decisions.
  4. ** Surrender and have faith that when you bravely head into the unknown, the universe has your back.**
    Let go of the need to control everything. Instead, learn to trust that the Universe will provide the guidance and support you need. Whenever an opportunity arises, be open to it and use it to achieve your goal.


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