You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth

You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth

by Jen Sincero

You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth is a book that will help you transform your financial reality and become the happiest, most generous, and fully realized version of yourself. By adopting the right mindset, educating yourself on money matters, and setting clear and specific goals, you'll be able to transform your finances dramatically. This will increase your chances of attaining wealth!

Summary Notes

Allowing Yourself to Become Rich

While we may think that not achieving financial success is due to a lack of ideas, opportunities, or time, it is, however, not the case. In reality, the real obstacle is simply your own refusal to give yourself permission to become rich.

It's time to break free from that limiting belief and become the most authentic, joyful, and badass version of yourself. Money is a tool for positive change and is essential in our world for growth, happiness, and self-expression. And contrary to popular belief, rich people are not inherently greedy. Wealth means freedom and options, not just a fancy lifestyle or solving world hunger. So instead of thinking negatively about wealth, learn to embrace it and watch your life transform for the better.

Actions to take

Mastering Your Mindset

Our perception of money is shaped not just by our conscious beliefs, but also by our subconscious ones. These subconscious beliefs are usually formed from our childhood experiences and the people around us. For example, if we often see our parents fight about money, we may believe having money is bad.

Similarly, the emotions, thoughts, and words we say to ourselves can also greatly shape our reality. If we keep saying negative things about ourselves, for example, we will eventually start to believe them. Soon enough, these words will become our reality.

If we want our desired reality to manifest, we need to align our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. This starts by being aware of the beliefs and thoughts that are operating in your mind. Then, filter out and replace the ones that won't bring you riches. When we have the right beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, we will be able to take the necessary actions to achieve our financial goals.

Actions to take

Harnessing the Power of Universal Intelligence

Have you ever felt like there's something bigger at play in your life, be it fate, luck, or divine intervention? Well, Jen Sincero, the author, knows how to work with this force to great success. You see, our five senses only provide limited information, and our beliefs further limit our perception of reality. But here's the thing: we have the power to participate in a realm beyond these limitations through our thoughts.

Our thoughts are connected to the invisible energy that makes up all that exists, and they play a crucial role in molding our physical reality. That's why mastering the mindset of wealth means choosing to think positively about money and our financial situation. By doing so, we can attract riches rather than perpetuate poverty.

Remember that all information—physical, mental, and spiritual, originates from the same source - Universal Intelligence. Harnessing this power can lead to great results.

Actions to take

Practicing an Abundance Mindset

Money is an important tool that facilitates the exchange of goods and services in our society. So, it's important to handle it with care and be mindful of how we talk and think about it. Our words and thoughts hold a lot of power and can greatly impact our experiences and outcomes, including when it comes to money.

To attract wealth into our lives, we must focus on our thoughts and feelings about money. This means getting clear on the value you offer, being excited and grateful for receiving money and having faith that abundance is available to you. Since money is an energetic exchange, aligning your energy with the frequency of abundance can help you manifest more of it.

It's important to remember that money doesn't come from other people directly but rather through them. All wealth comes from Universal Intelligence, the source of all things. By focusing on our thoughts and emotions and not solely on the people we hope to make money from, we increase our chances of attracting more wealth into our lives. People are just the conduits that facilitate the exchange, but the source of all money is a higher power.

Actions to take

Taking Big, Audacious Action in the Direction of Your Dreams

Jen Sincero once attended a seminar called "Manifesting Money Like a Millionaire!" She was fascinated by the concepts and wanted to be a life coach but was embarrassed to admit it. Back then, she was offered two options to work with the coach, one for $15,000 and one for $85,000. At first, she was scared of the financial commitment but decided to take the plunge and invest in the $85,000 option. She realized that her biggest obstacle to making money was her fear of taking big risks.

Taking bold action toward your goals is the key to overcoming limiting beliefs about money. When making a big move, you should embrace both excitement and fear and learn to treat money as a relationship to be nurtured.

Actions to take

Falling in Love With the Specific Reasons You Want to Get Rich

Jen Sincero believes that every person has the ability to make money, but they need to have a strong desire to take risks, make mental shifts, and stay the course until they reach their financial goals.

To ignite their drive towards financial freedom, one must be passionate about it, know their reasons for wanting it, and understand how it will impact their life. When we know specifically "why" we want to get rich, nothing can stand in our way—not even our fears.

Our society often perpetuates a fear-based mentality that discourages people from pursuing their dreams and ambitions. Instead of focusing on opportunities to expand, grow, and seize control of our lives, we are often told to limit ourselves and play it safe. However, if we really want to achieve our greatest goals, we need to start acting like badasses who are capable of breaking free from these limiting beliefs and are in control of their own lives.

To be a badass means being able to act as though we live in an abundant universe and believe that we're so capable of creating the financial reality we desire. Then, to manifest financial success, we need to be clear on the "why" behind our goals, trust that the universe will help us reach them, and take the necessary actions that will bring us closer to those goals. We also need to let go of the fears that are holding us back so we can reach our full potential.

By embracing abundance, letting go of our fears, and manifesting our financial dreams, we can live the life we want and share our best selves with the world.

Actions to take

Having Faith in the Unknown and Taking Risks

Both faith and gratitude are crucial for personal growth and abundance. Faith allows us to dare to dream and reach for a better future, even if it seems impossible. It gives us the courage to try new things and opens us up to new opportunities.

Gratitude, on the other hand, helps us become connected and united with Universal Intelligence. It also elevates our energy, allowing us to experience life with more positivity and abundance.

Overall, these two practices work together to strengthen our confidence, increase our frequency, and shape our reality in a powerful way. By taking leaps of faith and practicing gratitude, we set ourselves up for a win-win situation: either we succeed, or be grateful for the chance to learn from our failures.

Actions to take

Having an Uplifting Environment to Reach Financial Success

If you want to overcome your self-doubt, break free from limiting beliefs, and ultimately reach financial success, having an uplifting environment is very important.

Of course, simple improvements like a fresh coat of paint, decluttering, and hanging up inspiring images can make a big difference in your life. But the most impactful thing you can do is surround yourself with positive and supportive people who can be your cheerleaders, accountability partners, and sounding board as you move forward.

Take Jill, for example. She's a coach who went from making an average of $2,500 a month to an average of $45,000 a month by just investing in a business coach and hiring support staff that she knew would help her grow, even if she didn't have enough money at that time. With these people she hired, plus a tight-knit group of friends, she had the support she needed to succeed.

Actions to take

Leveraging Your Time to Maximize Your Income Stream

Many of us tend to hold onto behaviors that prevent us from achieving financial success. This is especially common among those who fear delving into their unhealthy relationship with money. Instead of focusing on their finances or figuring out what they truly want in life, they spend more time on trivial matters, such as taking the perfect selfie and posting it on social media.

If we truly want to reach our goals and get rich, we need to incorporate change into our lives. This means being able to eliminate unhealthy behaviors and being willing to take calculated risks. This may involve seeking assistance from mentors or coaches, taking on stepping-stone jobs, increasing our rates, making bold moves, embracing uncertainty, and any other time- and income-leveraging activities. By doing so, we open the door to success.

Actions to take

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