Unlock abundance with the right mindset


  1. ** Pay attention to your thoughts, beliefs, and words.**
    Pay attention to the words you use and the thoughts flowing through you. Make sure they are productive and not just mindless regurgitations of stuff you've heard before. Remember, your thoughts, beliefs and words can greatly impact your reality.
  2. ** Connect with money's energy.**
    Spend at least five minutes every day sitting in silence and connecting with the energy of money. Imagine money flowing all around you, filling you up, and moving into and out of your heart. Believe that the money you desire is coming to you and that the universe has your back.
  3. ** Create a money mantra.**
    Write down five positive words to describe money and create a mantra that expresses your love for money. The more you love it, the more you'll attract it.
  4. ** Practice gratitude.**
    Say “thank you” every time you receive money, and celebrate the gift of being in the flow with abundance.


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