Understand that people are wired very differently.

Your brain has different parts that have different functions. Some of them fight with each other. For example, your logical mind constantly fights with your emotional mind. Understanding well how your brain works will help you with establishing good habits and breaking bad ones, which in the end is essential for success.

Each person is very different, and you cannot expect that everyone will have the same thinking process that you have. In fact, not many people are like you are. To have a good cooperative team, it’s important to know what the differences are and understand other types of personalities.


  1. Understand that each of us has a different brain structure, and we think in different ways.
    There are short and tall people, blue and brown eyes. But our brains are also different.

  2. Understand that we are born with attributes that can both help us and hurt us, depending on their application.
    Our attributes are like a sword. We can use it for good but also for bad things.

  3. Read The Spiritual Brain.
    This is the book that Ray Dalio recommended to the Dalai Lama and to everyone else.

  4. Know that the most constant struggle is between feeling and thinking.
    The greatest battle is between our feelings, which are mostly operated by the subconscious mind, and rational thinking, which is mostly operated by our prefrontal cortex, a different part of the brain. Understand the battle in order to know what those two different parts of your mind can give you.

  5. Read The Power of Habit to understand well how habits work.
    Ray Dalio highly recommends this book.

  6. Train your “lower-level you” with kindness and persistence to build the right habits.
    You can train your subconscious mind the same way you train a dog.


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