Turn your lust into gifts.

If you are a man, you have probably felt inspired by a woman more than once. In fact, many famous artists had a muse—a woman that gave them sexual energy. They converted this energy into inspiration, into an art. If you don’t embrace this energy, it will be lost in your head or genitals. Don’t lose it! Use it instead.

Build a habit of releasing mental and sexual tension (through the breathing exercise above), and you can continually cultivate and magnify your inspiration.


  1. When you see a beautiful woman, you feel sexual energy. You feel lust.
    Embrace this energy and convert it into a gift.

  2. In the above situation, breathe deeply and allow the feeling of desire to magnify.
    Don’t let the energy become lodged in your head or genitals, but allow it to circulate throughout your body.


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