Trust in radical truth and radical transparency.

Radical truth and transparency will keep your organization well integrated. It will be trustworthy for your customers. It will help enforce justice.


  1. Realize that you have nothing to fear from knowing the truth.
    The truth might be scary, but it’s always better to know it.

  2. Have integrity and demand it from others.
    Make your words, thoughts, and feelings aligned. This will make you happier and more successful.

    1. Never say anything about someone that you wouldn’t say to them directly, and don’t try people without accusing them to their faces.
      Next to dishonesty, this is the worst thing you can do to your community.
    2. Don’t let loyalty to people stand in the way of truth and the well-being of the organization.
      Employees should not hide their employer's mistakes and vice versa.
  3. Create an environment in which everyone has the right to understand what makes sense, and no one has the right to hold a critical opinion without speaking up.

    1. Speak up and own it, or get out.
      Everyone is obliged to fight for right.
    2. Be extremely open.
      Just don’t filter.
    3. Don’t be naive about dishonesty.
      When someone was not honest with you, expect that they will be dishonest in the future. Beware of such people.
  4. Be radically transparent.

    1. Use transparency to help enforce justice.
      With transparency, everyone is held to the same high standards.
    2. Share the things that are hardest to share.
      Don’t limit sharing only to things that can’t hurt you.
    3. Keep exceptions to radical transparency very rare.
      There are always some exceptions.
    4. Make sure those who are given radical transparency recognize their responsibilities to handle it well and to weigh things intelligently.
      Make sure that people don’t use the information to harm the company.
    5. Deny transparency to people who don’t handle it well, or remove those people from the organization.
    6. Don’t share sensitive information with the organization’s rivals.


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