To change strong habits, change your beliefs.

The most important principle of changing anything is to start believing you can. You will not have enough willpower to change if you have doubts.


To change small habits, you may not need this element, but it’s almost essential for breaking addictions. This step is very helpful for habits that are difficult to change, like smoking and drinking, but can also be useful for those habits that are less difficult to change.

The process of changing beliefs is little understood by scientists; therefore, you might want to experiment with different methods. Here are a few examples of how you may change your belief system:

  1. If you drink too much, join Alcoholics Anonymous.
    When you see so many people who successfully stopped drinking, you start believing that you too can stop drinking.

  2. If you smoke cigarettes, start reading articles and blog posts about people who went through the process of changing this bad habit.
    The more you read, the more faith you will have in your own ability to change.

  3. If you want to be successful, read biographies of people who went from zero to millions. Read articles. Join groups of people who are much further along in their goals than you. Get a mentor who is already successful.
    You will notice that these successful people are not very different from you, and you will start believing in your ability to succeed.

Make a plan of the steps you will take to change your habit. Every day, when you do anything that increases your belief that you can change your habits, come back to this app and mark this habit as completed.


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