Identify the good and bad habits that you are not aware of.

The reason you are drinking, smoking, or eating unhealthily is not a decision made in the logical part of your brain. It’s a habit. During the day, we operate mostly on habits. And most of the habits that we have, we are not even aware of.

This exercise will give you an overview of your habits. Once you identify them, you can decide if you want to change them or not.


  1. Set your alarm to ring every 15 minutes.
    You can find a good mobile application to help you with the 15-minute interval by searching the term “interval alarm.”

  2. Every time the alarm rings, write down what you are doing, what you are thinking, and what you are feeling.
    Each of these elements is important because habits are not only what we are doing, but also what we are thinking and feeling.

  3. Go through your day and analyze the habits you have.
    Note both good and bad habits.


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