The Second Cure — Control Your Expenses

People have a habit of adjusting their expenses to the level of their income. Therefore, it is common to overestimate how much money you need for monthly necessities. It is crucial to develop the discipline to spend only so much that one can save 10% of their income every month.


  1. Identify your necessary monthly expenditures.
    Assess how much money you need for everyday life and your necessary expenditures. While spending only 90% of what you earn, identify what you need in your daily life. See if there are expenses related to things that you cannot consume or do not have the time to enjoy.

  2. Spend money only on things that will bring you 100% value.
    Consider the rest of your expenses unsatisfying, and do not regret getting rid of them.

  3. Make a budget to spend money only on the things you need.
    The budget will help ensure you have the necessities while helping you save 10% of your income.


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