The emotional gravity is the fundamental organization of all human conflicts and endeavors.

Positive attracts positive, negative pushes away negative—this is emotional magnetism in action. All of us are more or less the same, but we perceive differences to be disproportionately more important than similarities. Differences create emotions. Emotions create conflicts.


  1. There is an emotional gravity to our values: we attract those who value the same things we do and instinctively repel those whose values are contrary to our own.
    These attractions form large orbits of like-minded people around the same principle. Differences in values disrupt the other’s orbit, cause tension between people’s value hierarchies, and challenge the other’s identity. This process generates negative emotions that will push people apart.

  2. Personal identity becomes group identity.
    People who share a value, organize together and alter and modify personal narratives to fit in. Many people don’t value themselves above their cultural and group values. In the extreme, these people might be willing to die for their highest values—family, nation, God. It can result in wars.


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