Tell stories on Facebook


  1. Create content that people want to engage with.
    You want to get likes, comments, clicks, and shares.

  2. Focus on creating micro-content that’s fun and likable.
    When you jab, the most important thing is to give value. Now’s the time to get your brand out there, you can sell later.

  3. Use targeting wisely.
    On Facebook, you can target certain demographics to display your post only to people that will care about it.

  4. Make content that looks and feels good on mobile devices.
    When you publish something, most people will see it on mobile devices.

  5. Consider using sponsored stories.
    It’s a cheap way to reach users who would not see your post in a standard way. Paying for a post is valuable in another way as well: When you pay and a lot of people engage with your post, the next time you post something, they will see it—even if you don’t pay anymore. You gain engaged fans. The great thing about sponsored stories is that you will pay less than your competitors if your story performs better and is more likable.

  6. Make posts that are visually attractive.
    Avoid publishing too much text. Usually, the text is not so relevant. What matters is a great, high-quality visual.

  7. Remember to place your logo on your image and include a clear call to action.
    First, people look at the image you publish. Next, they might read the text—or not. But the image is the most important element. The call to action is the second-most important element. What do you want the user to do? Do you want them to share it? To like it? To install your app?

  8. Your post should be provocative, entertaining, or surprising.
    This is what it means to give value to your followers.


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