Teach your people to excel in life.

People can be very talented at work, but they may struggle in life. This can be due to many reasons such as lack of a strong father or the breakdown of the family. It’s the responsibility of the leader to help people excel in their lives. Only developing people’s work skills is not enough; there is much more to life than work and career.


  1. Evaluate how independently each team member can work.
    There are six levels, from least to most independent:

    1. Look into it. Report. I’ll decide what to do.
    2. Look into it. Report alternatives with pros, cons, and your recommendation.
    3. Look into it. Let me know what you intend to do, but don’t do it unless I say yes.
    4. Look into it. Let me know what you intend to do, and do it unless I say no.
    5. Take action. Let me know what you did.
    6. Take action. No further contact required
  2. Constantly assess and look for holes in the life skills of the people you are leading and developing.
    Ask yourself these questions:

    1. Where does this person seem to be failing?
    2. Where are this person’s blind spots?
    3. What does my intuition tell me is “off” in this person’s thinking?
    4. Why isn’t this person reaching his or her potential?
  3. To improve your people, give them challenges.
    If you build strong relationships and people accept your leadership, they should have no problem receiving challenges. Here are some challenges that you can give:

    1. Read books related to their areas of strength.
    2. Attend conferences that will inspire them.
    3. Take on new and challenging tasks in their sweet spot.
    4. Practice difficult disciplines that slowly build character.
    5. Meet with you regularly for mentoring.
  4. Be open to giving people support whenever they need it.
    Make it easy to schedule a meeting with you so you can help them with their problems.


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