Dare to break a flawed rule


  1. Recognize the unwritten rules.
    Before you can break the rules, it's important to first recognize the existence of unwritten rules. Take the time to reflect on the regulations you follow and the reasons behind your adherence to them. Write them down.
  2. Analyze the regulations.
    Question the reasons why you follow certain regulations and evaluate their true necessity. Escaping the herd mentality requires developing your own opinions. Before making decisions, pause and consider the motivations behind them. Allocating even a brief moment to form an opinion can help you avoid simply going along with the crowd.
  3. Justify your choices.
    After carefully analyzing the rules you follow, choose a specific rule that you believe is flawed and want to break. Justify to yourself why you want to break it, ensuring that your decision is well-reasoned and aligns with your personal values and aspirations.
  4. Take concrete steps to defy the rule.
    Mere words may not be enough to bring about change. To truly make an impact, take actionable steps to defy the rule you have identified. Implement strategies and behaviors that challenge the norm.
  5. Open doors to help others.
    Making a difference in the world can extend beyond your own actions. Open doors and opportunities for others to create positive change. If you work in a field where women are underrepresented, offer mentorship and support to empower other women. Consider volunteering as a speaker at a local school's career day to inspire and guide young individuals on diverse paths to success. While you may not reach millions, your influence can make a meaningful impact on individual lives.


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