Manifest your dreams


  1. ** Write down what the money is for, what it means to you, and how it makes you feel.**
    Be as clear and specific as possible.
  2. ** Get specific about your goals.**
    If you want to achieve a certain financial goal, define specifically how much money you need and for what purpose. You may also cut out pictures or put them on a vision board to help you really visualize them.
  3. ** Fall in love with the specific reasons you want to get rich.**
    Imagine yourself being rich already. Feel the emotions associated with that dream. How does it feel now that you're able to fulfill your purpose using your hard-earned money? Fall in love with that feeling and use it as motivation to get rich.
  4. ** Act as if you live in an abundant universe and have the ability to create whatever financial reality you desire.**
    Look at how you can expand, grow, and start acting like a badass who’s in control of your own life.
  5. ** Don't fall prey to the deadly either/or syndrome.**
    Instead of limiting yourself and settling for only achieving one goal at a time, look at how you can have both. For example, having a big, fancy career and being a great mom, or traveling the world and running your own business. Believe that you're so much more capable than you think and prove it to yourself! You can do it.


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