Reinvent yourself


  1. Identify the changes you want to make. Set aside time on a monthly basis to reflect on your personal journey and evaluate the changes you want to make. Ask yourself specific questions: What does my desired future self look like? What steps can I take right now to align with that vision? What sacrifices are necessary to achieve my goals? How will I measure my progress? Write down your answers for a tangible overview of the changes you want to implement.
  2. Address barriers to self-reinvention. Write down the fears and obstacles that are holding you back from reinventing yourself. Then, take a moment to think about the actual consequences if your fears come true. You'll often realize that they're not as bad as you imagine. Sometimes, the temporary discomfort of failure or embarrassment is better than the regret of not trying at all.
  3. Ask yourself the "miracle question." Envision your ideal life by asking, "If a miracle happened overnight, how would I recognize that things have improved?" Imagine the specific actions and behaviors you would engage in. Then, take proactive steps to incorporate those actions into your life.


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