Have an unshakeable faith to reach your dreams


  1. ** Make a no-nonsense decision to get rich.**
    Decide that you are serious about making more money, as you have specific and meaningful reasons why you want to achieve it.
  2. ** Take a leap of faith.**
    Invest in opportunities that feel right, even if you don't know how it could lead to you making any money. Who knows, maybe that could soon lead you to a breakthrough.
  3. ** Focus on what you have to gain.**
    Whenever you take a risk or take on a new opportunity, try to focus on what you can gain from it. Even if you fail, you'll surely get some new lessons and experiences that will help you grow as a better person.
  4. ** Believe in miracles.**
    Believe that everything you desire really is available to you and that you possess all the tools, power, and permission to manifest it. Have unshakable faith in yourself and the universe to make your wildest dreams come true.
  5. ** Trust that the way will be shown.**
    Release the need to know how it's going to happen and trust that the path to riches will be shown to you. When you trust that your riches are on the way, you shift your emotional state from doubt and fear to excited expectation. This shift makes you aware of people and opportunities you didn't see before, enabling you to act on them.
  6. ** Practice gratitude.**
    Desperation repels, while gratitude attracts. When you switch into gratitude mode and focus on feeling grateful for all you have and all that’s coming your way, you will start manifesting the very things and opportunities you’re grateful for.


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